Review: “Self Titled” EP by Ill Vision

Released on 14th December 2018, the debut EP from Birmingham natives Ill Vision was recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Jake Murray and features artwork by Joe Scott. Guest Vocals on “Hive Mind” performed by Brad Lakin, who appears throughout the bands follow up EP “Coma Culture” that was released just last week and reviewed by Metal Noise. That would be us. This review is sponsored by Budweiser. It’s not the King of Beers, it’s just a Tribute. Wait. We’ve done that joke before, right?

The melodic opening 20 seconds might have you thinking you’ve mistakenly put something altogether different on your playlist but stepping into some groove laiden Metal riffs before dropping out into some bass heavy punk in a smooth transition “Sunken” is a fitting introduction to the band. It encompasses in a single song all the elements that comprise the bands sound with hits ska, punk, hardcore and Metal all wrapped up and tied with a bow. Matt Collins lyrics about a broken relationship and vocally has him sounding like Jason Perry from Suffolk alternative rockers “A” with the pitching of this voice, something that isn’t as prevalent on their newer work. Diving back in full throttle with “Idle Blue”, which is a pure adrenaline rush of Pantera esq riffs played at punk speed that shows off some clever lead work from Murray in its gradual slow down post solo. Collins rants about not wishing life away and frankly there are more than a few people who should take a moment to think about what he has to say. “Hive Mind” sees a guest vocal appearance from Brad Lakin and has a classic Southern American sprawl to the early vocals as it crosses over into classic 80s Thrash territory. Lakin adds the weight and gravity of a black hole with a no nonsense Deathcore drop to bring things to downtempo stop. Second city riffs don’t come much better than these [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Sunken
  2. Idle Blue
  3. Hive Mind (Ft. Brad Lakin)

“Self Titled” EP by Ill Vision is out now and available over at bandcamp

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