Review: “Cradle to tha Casket” EP by Magna Carta

Hailing from Lincoln and featuring former members of Martyr Defiled, Climates and Tripswitch, Magna Carta are a brand new Hardcore Crossover Metalcore quintet that have a lot of promise. After all, a great band is greater than the sum of its parts. So when the individuals involved are of this caliber, their material should be golden. Engineered and Mixed by Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name Studio and Mastered by Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio, “Cradle to tha Casket” has an impressive standing.

Matthew Jones vocals were a big part of the Martyr Defiled sound, as was Richard Duffin’s powerhouse kit work so it really is no surprise to have them back in the game. From the very start of “Back on my Bullshit” it’s clear that Jones is back and means business, lyrically focusing on what it was like being in a band and being proud of making your own way, it’s a fine start. Once the police sirens fade away it’s classic Thrash infuses Metallic Hardcore riffage and a huge drum sound. Adding a spoken word rap, gang chant and even a now classic “Arf. Arf.” kicks things off in style. Thundering in across the horizon “V1ru$” brings chugging riffs and a stompy drum pattern as Jones roars his way through a lyric about a parasite of a human being before closing with a classic hardcore chant along verse “My prediction is pain. I’m giving fear a new name” alongside a classic crossover breakdown.

Featuring some of the heaviest vocals on the EP “Junkyard Dog” is a pummelling tune that sees some Biohazard influence in the guitar work. Jones utilizes far more of his vocal range on this cut with everything from the Deathcore through rap screams to a spoken word bark and even a clean spoken word. A song about having paid your dues, it also uses all of that Metallic Hardcore styling to create the essential crossover tune. It’s not a song about cheese, though it is an obvious pun. “Cathedral City” sees Jones unclean rap over an intro before it all kicks of into a prayer for violence and the breakdowns pile up like the bodies of the lyrics. This life may have chosen itself as mentioned in that venom, but bringing it all to an end with a downtempo groove crush is a moment of absolute class. Magna Carta are here to stay [8/10]

“Cradle to tha Casket” by Magna Carta is out now and available over at bandcamp.



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