Review: “Chimera” by Jaodae

Conceived by guitarist Roberto Ercoli, drummer Spencer Robson and bassist Nick Brown in Toronto Ontario Canada in 2016, Progressive Metal trio Jaodae made their mark with 2019 debut album “Cast In Ash“. That record found them piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle of intricate melodies, distorted riffs and Jazz tinged moments to create music which ebbs and flows. Constantly seeking to outdo themselves they look to create music which is both exciting to listen to and demanding to play and cite influences as wide ranging as Cynic, Plini and Merauder in doing so. What does that sound like? Well…

In Italian to say “Porcocane” is essentially to swear against something or someone and this meaty instrumental from Jaodae certainly packs all the punch of a good spew of swear words. Fuzzy distorted riffs dance around the brain in catchy and addictive fashion while the rhythm section get intricate and create little moments that pop out of the mix over multiple listens, little Jazz progressions, momentary tempo changes and so on, each of which makes for more of a thrill ride than you might have imaged. After an atmospheric introduction “Seas Incarnadine” takes a more turbulent direction, mimicking the waves crashing upon the shore during a violent storm with an unapologetic power. The kind of sonic abrasion you could expect on a film score playing out as a couple fight over something trivial that then escalates with a calm moment in the final third before making up, its thoughtful with little nuances that shine. Vibrant lead moments in the final third are the absolute Chef’s Kiss, adding another dimension to the sound without leaving anything behind, the eclectic time signatures adding fresh textural layers to the artwork. Continuing in the same vein the first half of “Kolumkilli” lets the raging storm play out before clam and tranquil waters return in vibrant melodic form. Taking a leaf from the book of bands like Toska or Scuzz without the Stoner Metal elements, Jaodae offer something fresh and enlightening with a greater variety than others with this new chapter offering a future so bright it may burn your retinas [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Porcocane
  2. Seas Incarnadine
  3. Kolumkilli

Chimera” by Jaodae is out 17th March 2023 via Black Throne Productions and might be available over at bandcamp.

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