Review: “Primogenitum” by Buriality

Hailing from Madrid Spain, vocalist Alex Martin, guitarist Eduardo Manzanares, bassist Juan Carlos Fernandez and drummer Santiago Arroyo entered California Studios with Victor Saiz (Sulfur Seas, Doom In Hell, Vael) to bring their debut EP to life, an eye firmly set on marking a mark on the Spanish scene with their blend of Groove infused Death Metal. The result of those sessions is “Primogenitum” with the quartet choosing the moniker Buriality. So that’s a bastardisation of Bury Reality that sounds like Brutality…?

Clearly inspired by the likes of Pantera and Lamb Of God, “Embrace New Chaos” flies in the face of the genre Kings as a powerhouse statement piece that has the instant crushing gravitational pull of a Black Hole. It’s one of those cuts that has all those hallmarks of the genre that gives it mass appeal while making it familiar and yet on the flip side of the coin has enough of a life of its own to keep you listening. The solo is sublime, the bass lines fat and the vocals of the eye popping variety. What is there not to like? “Fate, Loneliness and Sulphur” dials things back a little bit with the bass line allowed to bleed out in the mix tastefully and Martin at points sounding like a Greg Puciato at the height of his The Dillinger Escape Plan prowess with his shrill unclean vocal parts. The surprise is the melodic drop into some Santana inspired guitar work and some off kilter clean vocals. Bringing back more Groove, “Vast Plains of Human Distress” sounds like a Killswitch Engage demo with a clean sung chorus from former 36 Crazyfists vocalist Brock Lindow, the resemblance is uncanny but once you’ve got your head around that, there is no disputing it’s an absolute banger. If they get the right people around them and find a prevailing wind the future of Buriality is so damn bright it will burn your retinas because this first foray has all the hallmarks you could ever wish for [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Embrace New Chaos
  2. Fate, Loneliness and Sulphur
  3. Vast Plains of Human Distress

Primogenitum” by Buriality is out now via Animal Records

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