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Exclusive Interview: Buriality talk writing and recording “Primogenitum”!

21 days after a mysterious, incurable disease spreads throughout the barren lands, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary and naturally those survivors form a Groove Metal band from Madrid, Spain. After we caught up with bassist Juan Carlos “litos” Fernández from Buriality off the back of the bands EP “Primogenitum“, they insisted on giving

Review: “Primogenitum” by Buriality

Hailing from Madrid Spain, vocalist Alex Martin, guitarist Eduardo Manzanares, bassist Juan Carlos Fernandez and drummer Santiago Arroyo entered California Studios with Victor Saiz (Sulfur Seas, Doom In Hell, Vael) to bring their debut EP to life, an eye firmly set on marking a mark on the Spanish scene with their blend of Groove infused