Exclusive Interview: Buriality talk “Primogenitum”, shows with Incantation and more!

It’s early January 2023, the New Years resolutions are starting to be broken as the cold of winter sets in and solace is found at the bottom of a beer bottle. Nostalgically we caught up with bassist Juan Carlos “litos” Fernández from Spanish Groove infused Death Metallers Buriality about their debut EP “Primogenitum” which was released back in the summer of 2022, when the days were warm of the festival season was in full flow. Recorded at California Studios with Victor Saiz (Sulfur Seas, Doom In Hell, Vael), the conversation went a little something like this…

Officially you formed in 2020 in Madrid, Spain with the pre-production for “Primogenitum” in January 2021, first single “Vast Plains Of Human Distress” appearing in May 2022 and your first show on 10th June. That sounds like a wild ride, did it feel like that looking back on it now? “Well, really the band was formed by Santiago and Eduardo in 2019 and they were writing the first songs and trying with different line-ups. Then, in the middle of 2020 when I joined the band, there was enough material to record an EP, and we began to work with the pre-production, thinking of entering the recording studio in early 2021. But finally due to some problems we didn’t finish the recording until the end of the year”

Your biggest show saw you share a stage with American Death Metal monsters Incantation back in the summer. What are your memories of that one? “Always it’s great to share the stage with a band you began to listen in your youth, so we was very happy for it. And although it was a small venue, it was almost full. The only bad thing was the sound that was awful for us, but overall it was an interesting experience”

If we are the product of our genes, influences and surroundings, what is in your jeans and who have been your influences in bringing “Primogenitum” to life? “That’s difficult to say because all of us have different and very wide influences. As I told before, the songs was already written when Alex and me joined the band, but we had freedom to adapt them to our tastes, and the songs being played together finally are taking the final shape. I could tell you the base is some kind of modern groove metal with several touches of our tastes: from the progressive line in “Fate, loneliness..” to the metalcore-ish chorus in “The vast plains…”.”

We’ve described your sound as a blend of Groove infused Death Metal but how would you describe it in four words? “It’s OK, no need to change anything. It’s that really feel it”

As a band at this point in your career what would mean more to you; 10 shows opening for Killswitch Engage or a one off Festival appearance at Resurrection Fest in 2023? “I think it’s better promotion play some shows opening for a great international band. It’s more focused in the people it could like your music. In the other hand, big festivals have only available playing hours when everybody is taking a nap or seeing another band”

Aside from a support slot in April with Synlakross, what’s next for Buriality? “At this time we’ve no more shows booked, we’re now focused working in the songs for a new record, with the aim of releasing it at any time in 2023. But sure we’ll look for any other show during the year if we had the chance”

Primogenitum” by Buriality is out now via Animal Records

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