Exclusive Interview: Ouija talk writing and recording!

Having formed in 1994, Oujia are probably the oldest band that we’ve had the pleasure of talking to about their and writing and recording process and while the Spanish Cult Black Metal outfit are promoting their recently released EP “Selenophile Impia” it feels like now is the right time to find out how they do things. A refreshed line up of seasoned musicians has been added to the writing axis and yet it sounds like they picked up where they left off nearly eight years ago…

As the writing axis of evil has remained the same in guitarist Map and vocalist Midgard, what impact did bringing in bassist Shogoth (Estertor, Onirophagus, ex-Icosis), drummer Labelua (Apostles of Perversion, ex-Occultum Lapidem, ex-Atrexial) and second guitarist JM101 (ex-Hathor) have on the material that comprises “Selenophile Impia”? This question more or less I already answered it before, but going back to it, I would say that we currently have the best OUIJA line-up to date. I can only say that all of them have greatly enriched our new compositions and sound, in the future their work will be more reflected in our music, when you work with great people and excellent musicians everything flows better and that is reflected in the final result

How does the writing process of a new Ouija track start? Melody, riff or rhythm first? This question haha … it would have been better answered by our guitars but it is a compilation of all this, we do not follow a process, rhythms are created and then they are linked with melodies and others, but we do not have a strict guideline for the composition of the songs, many times starting from the inspiration of the moment so that later merge it and fit it well”

The new EP was recorded Between March and April 2021 at Nomad Studio, Lleida. What was it like returning to the studio after eight years? How much rehearsal went into getting these cuts right before committing them to tape? We decided to record again at the Nomad Studios due to a question of proximity and affinity with Xavier, sound technician of said studio, in the future we will possibly look for another place to try to transform our sound and not get stuck in the same production. To record these three songs, we were rehearsing, more or less for a year, we took it easy because we wanted to get the maximum possible potential for a return of the band in optimal conditions, the fucking pandemic also delayed everything in general, for this reason we opted to work at home in a more personal way

You recorded with Xavier Esterri who also mixed; how did you find that process? We have known Xavier for many years, as I have said before there is a good friendship between us, outside of the professional sphere and it is always very easy to work with him. About the process tell you that it was something very mechanical so to speak, we follow the guidelines set for any recording. In the mix we always like to do it together with the sound engineer because that is how we tell him directly how we want things to be, but it is always a team effort where we all contribute our vision and opinion about the recording

For mastering you chose Magnus “Devo” Andersson, the guitarist for Swedish black metal band Marduk who has previously done the job for Necrodeath, Nefandus and Infer to name but a few. What drew you to working with him and what was he like to work with? We sent a song to several mastering studios to test what final result they could achieve, the one we liked the most was Devo’s work and that is why we trust their experience and good work, it is always good to work with someone experienced in the Black Metal and more if he is a legend within this musical style. And working with Devo was very nice, he is a very honest person and totally serious about his work, a true gentleman

For us gear nerds out there, can you tell us what you’re using gear wise (pedals, strings, drums etc) to get your sound? “We do not want to give explicit marks by not being endorsers. Just say, tuve amplification, and a loto f care in looking for our sound

Selenophile Impia” by Ouija is out now and available over at bandcamp

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