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Review: “Runetongue” by Cogadh

Conceived in 2021 by a pair of musicians who met through different bands in their region of Canada, Cogadh (pronounced as Koo-ga, the Gaelic word for “War”) are a Black Metal duo from Ontario and Québec. Their debut finds them doing things almost completely DIY with “Runetongue” recorded, mixed, and mastered by drummer and vocalist

Review: “Imperious” by Inexorable

At the beginning of December 2021 Inexorable caught our attention with the debut EP “Immortal“, a three track effort featuring a cover of “California Uber Alles” by Dead Kennedys as vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith (Guitars, Bass, Drums) found their feet, style and direction as a new band beginning a journey of creation in Metal. Rising

NEWS: The Funeral Pyre burns for Inexorable!

Rising from the ashes of previous failed projects, Inexorable sees vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith join forces sharing interests in War, Politics, Culture as well as a sick sense of humour while creating Death Metal. From their debut EP “Immortal” they’ve shared a lyric video for “Not My Funeral” while we wait

Exclusive Interview: Inexorable talk writing and recording “Immortal”!

Taking inspiration from bands like Dying Fetus and Dimmu Borgir vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith to joined forces in Inexorable and unleashed an old school Death Metal demo tape style EP that you might consider Blackened by their love of Black Metal in “Immortal” last month. As is usually the way, we went creature double feature

NEWS: Inexorable drink from the holy grail?

Slap bang in between a pair of exclusive interviews with Metal Noise dot Net, tape trading style old school Death Metallers Inexorable have dropped a remotely filmed music video for the title track of their debut EP “Immortal“. It’s the work of vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith who take inspiration from bands

Exclusive Interview: Inexorable talk “Immortal”!

Last month we reviewed the debut EP from vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith otherwise known as Inexorable as the duo took their bow with “Immortal“, an old School Death Metal demo tape style with a touch of Black Metal influence for good measure. We spoke to them about how their alchemy brought

Review: “Immortal” by Inexorable

There have been some really interesting collaborations that have only really been possible in the internet age thanks to the ability to share files back and forth over great distances, something that would have only been possible via couriers and tapes in the time of bands like East West Blast Test who created brilliance with

NEWS: Lorna Shore return to nothingness!

The title track of the new Lorna Shore EP “And I Return to Nothingness“, their first with new vocalist Will Ramos (A Wake In Providence), a longtime friend and veteran of the scene that birthed the band has been given the full music video treatment. Teaming up once again with Immortal producer Josh Schroeder (King

Playthrough: “King Ov Deception” from Lorna Shore!

Transcending Deathcore with their third album and major label debut for Century Media “Immortal“, New Jersey powerhouse Lorna Shore have done their best to separate themselves from the tornado of controversies that surrounded it and to their credit come out stronger for it. An absolutely stunning piece of uncompromising work, it has seen drummer Austin