Spotlight: Cogadh dissect debut EP “Runetongue”!

Celebrating the release of their debut EP “Runetongue“, Canadian Black Metal duo Cogadh (Pronounced as Koo-ga, the Gaelic word for “War”) have shared a dissection of the three original cuts that are joined by a cover of “Pure Holocaust” by Immortal on the record. An interesting read it offers an insight into the inspirations behind the lyrical narrative of the record that has far more to it that meets the eye of Balor…

This Familiar Cold: “This song is about wanting to stay complicit in life and ignoring all of one’s impending problems and poor choices. The protagonist is constantly reminded of their choices by a “void” that is calling out to remind them of the cycle they keep repeating

Eye of Balor: “The lyrics in this song are derived from Irish Mythology. Balor is a giant, also known as a Fomorian. He has a huge firey eye that he uses as a weapon against his enemies. If Balor wants to use his eye to fight, he has to have 3 men pry it open. When Balor was younger he was told that when he grows old, one of his grandchildren would kill him. In order to prevent this prophecy from being fulfilled, he decides to lock away his daughter to ensure that she does not have any children that could threaten him. Of course, Balor’s strategy goes wrong for him and his Grandson kills him years later. 

The moral of this story and song is that when one tries to avoid something by hindering the people/things around them, they only make the situation much worse. Eventually the fate and consequences you wanted to avoid will come back to get you. Problems and concerns must be addressed, not locked away and forgotten about

The Three Sons: “The lyrics in this song are also derived from Irish Mythology. It is about a father named Turenn who has 3 sons. What happens is these 3 sons set out to kill their father’s enemy named Cian. However, Cian is no easy foe, once encountering the sons Cian shapeshifts into a giant pig. The sons realize what has happened and all 3 sons shapeshift into dogs and kill Cian. 

Cian also had a son, his name was Lugh. Lugh then made the 3 sons go on a large quest around the world to collect materials and items for a battle. The sons returned from the quest with all the materials, however were wounded and tired from the fight with Cian and the massive quest. Lugh took the materials and lied to the sons that he would help heal them. As a result, the 3 sons died and their Father Turenn died of the grief of losing all of his children. 

A little known fact, Lugh is actually the grandson of Balor (mentioned in the second song Eye of Balor)”

Runetongue” by Cogadh is out now and is  available over at bandcamp

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