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Review: “Annihilation” by Plaguebreeder

Inspired by such bands as Immortal, Behemoth and Dark Funeral, 2010 saw the birth of Plaguebreeder in Lahti, Finland. A decade of aggression has followed with the trio who now comprise Ardeath (vocals, bass, orchestra), Klaath (guitar) and Kalmisto (drums) waging war on the planet in Extreme Metal. Originally entitled “Misanthropy”, the bands fourth in

NEWS: Plaguebreeder search for the “The Root of Extinction”!

Finnish Blackend Death Metal trio Plaguebreeder return with a new EP “Annihilation” via Inverse Records, releasing 20th November 2020 (tomorrow!) and on the eve of that have dropped a music video for “The Root of Extinction“. An angry EP of war, annihilation and mankind’s lust for destruction that lyrically covers topics from nuclear holocaust to

NEWS: Plaguebreeder believe in Misanthropy, do you?

Finnish symphonic Extreme Metal trio Plaguebreeder have dropped “I Believe in Misanthropy“, taken from their upcoming EP “Annihilation” which is set to be released on 20th November 2020 via Inverse Records. The new 5 track effort with cover art from Tommi Salonen has lyrical themes from nuclear holocaust to misanthropy and to global ecological catastrophes