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Review: “Mӕre” by Harakiri For The Sky

As a duo Salzburg Austria pairing Harakiri For The Sky have released an album every two years since their 2012 self titled debut, a unique blend of atmospheric Black Metal and Progressive Rock that gives both the inescapable maelstrom of shattering screams and the sudden acoustic guitar interludes that are World’s apart and yet sit

Review: “Natas Liah” by Hell-Born

The return of Polish Black Metal masters Hell-Born is one that risked tarnishing their reputation, which the twelve long years of silence have old served to solidify. However Baal Ravenlock (Bass, Vocals), Les (Guitars) and Diabolizer (Drums) have worked tirelessly with Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze Of Perdition) in the studio and received help in contribution

Bootleg: Hell-Born in Warsaw!

Filmed in Warsaw Poland on 4th October 2019 at Hydrozagadka, here are “Hellfire“, “Darkness” and “Guardians of the Daemongate” from the returning Black Metal legends Hell-Born. 29th January will see them unleashed the plague wind that is “Natas Liah” via Odium Records which features a guest appearance from Negral of Behemoth on “Blakk Metal” and

Bootleg: “As The Pages Burn” from Arch Enemy!

“Sweet amnesia here to free you, As the pages burn (burn!), All you trials solved bye fire, As the pages burn, As smoke fills the room soon to pass… heavy gloom, The wind will whisk away the past, A blank page stares at you, Nothing left, Where to start?” From the Ronnie James Dio stage

NEWS: “Blakk Metal” sees Hell-Born and Behemoth join forces!

Since the guest appearance from Negral of Behemoth on the upcoming new album from Hell-Born was announced, it’s been one that fans of both bands have been itching to hear, so to release “Blakk Metal” as a pre-release single for “Natas Liah” was always a no brainer of a choice, so here it is in

Review: “Annihilation” by Plaguebreeder

Inspired by such bands as Immortal, Behemoth and Dark Funeral, 2010 saw the birth of Plaguebreeder in Lahti, Finland. A decade of aggression has followed with the trio who now comprise Ardeath (vocals, bass, orchestra), Klaath (guitar) and Kalmisto (drums) waging war on the planet in Extreme Metal. Originally entitled “Misanthropy”, the bands fourth in

NEWS: Hell-Born return with devastating new album Natas Liah!

Like a prison sentence it has been 12 long years since the last album from Polish Extreme Metallers Hell-Born and for many they were missing presumed dead. Oh but how wrong those people were as the mythical beast merely remained dormant and will now once again rise from the grave on 26th January 2021 with

Bootleg: Behemoth live at Maida Vale!

Two years ago as Polish Extreme Metallers Behemoth were in London they stopped at the iconic Maida Vale studios to record a set in glorious black and white for the BBC. They were there of course as “I Loved You At Your Darkest” was freshly released and this includes “Bartzabel“, “God = Dog” and “Wolves

Bootleg: Behemoth in Warsaw!

An official pro-shot full set introduced by Nergal himself of a show that took place in Warsaw Poland in 2016 sees Behemoth at their live finest has surfaced over the weekend. It comes as their current album “I Loved You at Your Darkest” approaches it’s second anniversary and was previously released a couple of years