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NEWS: Dark Funeral prepare for apocalypse with “Leviathan”!

Ahead of a huge Summer European Festival tour that will see them at Bloodstock Open Air on 14th August, Swedish Black Metal legends Dark Funeral will be unleashing “We Are The Apocalypse” on 18th March 2022 release via Century Media Records. They have shared a 3rd single from the upcoming seventh sin in their discography titled

NEWS: Dark Funeral await the nightfall?

18th March will see the long-awaited seventh full-length album “We Are The Apocalypse” from Swedish Black Metal Masters Dark Funeral surface via Century Media and having had the first taste with “Let The Devil In“, something of an introvert journey, contemplating the darkness within, their second single “Nightfall” is the diametral opposite. A display of

NEWS: Dark Funeral armed for the apocalypse!

The inevitable return of plague bearing Swedish Black Metal pioneers Dark Funeral has taken place with the band presenting “Let The Devil In“, a cut of unforgiving darkness that fits perfectly with the gory and sinister atmosphere of the video (filmed, directed and edited by Grupa13) as the first burnt offering from their seventh studio

Review: “Annihilation” by Plaguebreeder

Inspired by such bands as Immortal, Behemoth and Dark Funeral, 2010 saw the birth of Plaguebreeder in Lahti, Finland. A decade of aggression has followed with the trio who now comprise Ardeath (vocals, bass, orchestra), Klaath (guitar) and Kalmisto (drums) waging war on the planet in Extreme Metal. Originally entitled “Misanthropy”, the bands fourth in

Exclusive Interview: Mask Of Insanity talk “Damnation Is Eternal”!

Mask of Insanity are a beast that rose from the black depths of Lelystad Netherlands in 2015 to conjure Blackened Melodic Death Metal around an axis of Gildor van Mourlik (bass, vocals) and Vincent Klien (guitars) who were joined by Cor Vos (guitars) for their debut album “Damnation Is Eternal“, which spent some five years

Exclusive Interview: Deathcraeft talk “On Human Devolution”!

Greek Death Metal trio Deathcraeft created an Odyssey of their own with their freshly released debut album “On Human Devolution”, which sees vocalist Nikonas Tsolakos and guitarist Kostas Kalampokas and drummer Giannis Chionidis (also of Progressive Death Metal act Echidna) join forces to created what they termed as a piece “describing the self-destructing nature of

Review: “On Human Devolution” by Deathcraeft

A concept album that takes the elements of Thrash, Black and Death Metal in order to reinvent the story of “Cthulhu Mythos” by H.P. Lovecraft with more socio-political lyrics, Greek trio Deathcraeft look to create an Odyssey of their own with “On Human Devolution” vocalist Nikonas Tsolakos, guitarist and bassist Kostas Kalampokas and drummer Giannis Chionidis (also

Review: “Averse to the Universe” EP by Hex Wound

Taking elements of Black, Death and Extreme Metal and putting them together to create something of haunting atmosphere and crushing intensity, North Carolina based Hex Wound formed in 2019 and unleashed their first plague in the form of single “Void Of Suffering” on the World a year later. Little did we know then but vocalist