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NEWS: Vulvodynia learn the way of the Geezer?

Following the announcement that South African Slamming Brutal Death Metal brutes Vulvodynia will be appearing at Tech-Fest this summer, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the undesputed heavyweight champions will be playing some shows around it on skull island. They’ve tapped up Bound In Fear and Replacer side project Pintglass for the full

Review: “Quietus” by And Hell Followed With

Forged in the furnace of what many now refer to as the golden age of Deathcore, Detroit Michigan six piece And Hell Followed With have been treading the boards since 2007. Influenced by Hardcore and Melodic Death Metal while seeking to push boundaries, the bands third studio album “Quietus” sees them joined by a myriad

NEWS: And Hell Followed With share jewels with The Faceless!

Featuring a guest appearance from Julian Kersey of The Faceless, a fourth advanced listening opportunity for a song from Michigan Deathcore six piece And Hell Followed With has appeared in single “Jewels Of Urn“. It’s just one of four guest appearances on the outfit’s third full length “Quietus” with Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher, Kyle Anderson

NEWS: And Hell Followed With get dethroned?

Preparing for the 29th April release of their third album “Quietus“, a ten track affair that includes guest vocal appearances from a quartet of heavy hitters in Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher, Kyle Anderson of Brand Of Sacrifice, Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Julian Kersey of The Faceless, Michigan Deathcore six piece And Hell Followed With have

NEWS: Tech-Fest go Heavy with First Wave for 2022 event!

Some people call it a first wave announcement, but we’re calling it a tidal wave when it comes to what UK Tech-Fest have announced. An eclectic mix of bands playing Progressive, Deathcore, Death Metal, DJent and the kitchen sink are set for 30th June to 4th July at Newark Showgrounds. It’s going to be a

NEWS: Snakes on a plane for Beneath Shattered Glass!

What do you get if you take Atlanta Georgia’s finest solo Deathcore project Beneath Shattered Glass and add a pairing that are  regularly seen together in Vulvodynia guitarist Kris Xenopoulos and the ever symphonic Misstiq? You get a new track called “Serpentine“, the follow up to “Portrait of Pestilence” which saw mastermind Kevin Nolan joined

NEWS: Ingested reschedule with new support…

…with four additional dates added due to high demand, the rescheduled “Where Only Gods May Tread” tour looks set to take place in March 2022. Disappointingly Vale of Pnath were not able to re-confirm the postponed tour, so Ingested will be instead joined by VCTMS, Bound In Fear and Vulvodynia for the run that randomly

NEWS: Divine Destruction prepare for suffering?

What do Greg Gilbert of Shrine of Malice, Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin all have in common? With the arrival of a lyric video for “Interloper” from Florida Blackened Death Metal duo Divine Destruction, all three vocalists have made guest appearances on tracks by them in the past 3 years.

Bootleg: “The List” from Ingested!

Manchester Pure Slamming Death Metallers Ingested may have had their ambitions European tour plans with Bound In Fear, Vale Of Pnath and Vulvodynia but it didn’t stop them from putting on a live stream for their “Where Only Gods May Tread” record in their home city. They’ve cut “The List” from the set for us

NEWS: Cryoplegia premier “Black”!

One man who has benefited from the absence of touring is Lwandile Prusent. The multi instrumentalist has a solo project entitled Cryoplegia producing some deadly Slamming Deathcore moments based out of Johannesburg South Africa and thanks to the postponed Vulvodynia tour with Ingested, he’s managed to pursude Duncan Bentley to record vocals for his single