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Playthrough: “Your Martyr” from Befell!

Just how many guitars does one guitarist need in their life? If you speak to Max Ashworth from Weaponry the answer is limitless. For Befell duo Bruce Boring and Mitchell Caprio both show off a pair from their collection in this playthrough video for “Your Martyr” which just so happens to be the opener from

Playthrough: “Silence The Sorrow” from Befell!

One of those records that we can’t speak highly enough of is “Grave Of The Condemed King” by Befell, one released on New Year’s Day via Kingside Records (Sore Teeth, Hounds, Deadwood), it sees the Metalcore merchants rise to a new plain of existence. We’ve got a couple of exclusive interviews with them in the

Playthrough: “Tribulation Wilted” from Befell!

Five string bass guru and the newest member of College Pennsylvanian Metalcore act Befell, Jon Perini has been tasked with keeping the bands status high with a playthrough video for “Tribulation Wilted” from the bands New Years Day released sophomore EP “Grave Of The Condemed King“. That appeared via Kingside Records (Sore Teeth, Hounds) to

Review: “Grave Of The Condemed King” from Befell

Hailing from State College Pennsylvania, Befell have grown since their debut “Solitude” from a trio to a quartet with the addition of bassist Jon Perini joining vocalist and guitarist Bruce Boring, guitarist Mitchell Caprio and drummer Jace Ebersole, giving the Metalcore warriors another dimension and enabling them to play live without compromise… …the quality of

Bootleg: “Plague the Silence” from Befell!

Fresh from signing to Kingside Records for their sophomore EP “Grave of the Condemned King” which drops on New Years Day, Pennsylvanian Metalcore warriors Befell have shared a close up and personal live rendition of a new cut called “Plague The Silence“. So that would be six months between EPs from a band that formed

Playthrough: “Plague The Silence” from Befell!

Joining Hardcore KingsĀ Sore Teeth on the Kingside Records roster will be Befell who have announced their signing to the label for sophomore EP “Grave Of The Condemned King“, set for New Year’s Day, 1st January 2022. They’ve shared the news with a guitar playthrough video for October released single “Plague The Silence”, a song that