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Documentary: Episode #11 of Greatness or Death from Beartooth!

Here it is. The last(?) episode of “Greatness or Death” the making of the new Beartooth album “Disease” which appears tomorrow via RedBull Records! One more time for those who haven’t heard yet… The Columbus Ohio quintet will be upon our shores in January with Polaris supporting Architects on a European run!

Documentary: “Greatness or Death” Episode #2 from Beartooth!

28th September will see new album “Disease” from Beartooth appear via Red Bull Records. As new songs “Infection”, “Disease” & “Bad Listener” are already out, here’s episode #2 of the album making of documentary entitled “Greatness or Death”. This time out the clip focuses on the guitar tracking.

Documentary: “Greatness or Death” #1 from Beartooth!

Beartooth have taken to filming the making of their upcoming new album “Disease” in a documentary entitled “Greatness or Death” with part #1 below. New song “Infection” leaked a couple of weeks back and then the band started playing it on Warped Tour. The album title track “Disease” and “Bad Listener” have since appeared via