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Review: “Vile Ones” by Grimelord

It seems that Riverside, California is a fertile place when it comes to Deathcore. The home of Suicide Silence is also the home of Grimelord, a quartet who have been in the game since 2019 when they released their self titled debut album. They’re lucky enough to have all the skills they need in house

NEWS: The Vile Ones return. Grimelord.

Having pulled the plug on their music video for the title track of their September 2020 EP “Vile Ones“, Riverside Californian quartet Grimelord have now re-released it to bring in the New Year. For those that missed it, the record features a guest appearance from Adam Warren of Oceano fame on “Gallows Hill” and was

NEWS: Grimelord are “Vile Ones”!

Proving that Riverside California is famous for more than just Suicide Silence, Deathcore heavy hitters Grimelord have unleashed a new single called “Vile Ones“. Interestingly the name of the recording Studio used for their latest puzzle piece is Sonisphere Recordings, the same name as a commercial European Metal Festival of days gone by…

NEWS: Grimelord prepare you for the vile with “Gallows Hill”!

Suicide Silence aren’t the only Deathcore band in Riverside, California. Oh no. Grimelord have got their territory marked out already and produced, edited, mixed and mastered by Joshua Chavez at Sonisphere Recordings they’ve tapped up Adam Warren of Oceano fame to deliver the goods on the their latest offering “Gallows Hill“. If you like this

NEWS: Grimelord bathe in “TAR”!

Riverside California used to be known as the home of Suicide Silence. But following some controversy and their self titled style shift it looks like Grimelord, who have followed up debut single “Demolisher” with this new bruiser “TAR” have come to challenge for the Deathcore heavyweights crown. According to Chugcore Promotions, the bands self titled