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Review: “No Music Just Violence” by Until The Dead Walk

Whatevercore?! What the hell is that?! It’s a amalgamation of Metalcore, Hardcore and Deathcore styles which Louisville, Kentucky Monsters Until The Dead Walk are calling their signature style. Following up their 2018 EP “Dead Walking” with a full length album for 2020 going by the name “No Music, Just Violence” and bringing on board a

Bootleg: Chelsea Grin at The Phantasy!

As the Grin, Shore, Swarm circle was closed with the arrival of “Viral Deprivation” a couple of weeks back (Tom Barber went from Lorna Shore to Chelsea Grin while CJ McCreery went from Signs of the Swarm to Lorna Shore to replace him leaving David Simonich to join Signs of the Swarm all because Alex

Bootleg: “Hostage” from Chelsea Grin!

A third filmed at Columbiahalle in Berlin Germany on 3rd October on the “Shaped by Fire” tour, here’s “Hostage” from Chelsea Grin! Now fronted by former Lorna Shore vocalist Tom Barber, the Deathcore heavyweights have been relentlessly touring “Eternal Nightmare” while former vocalist Alex Koehler has been releasing hip-hop tracks under the moniker Grudges…

Documentary: Signs of the Swarm: Live at Club Red!

Splicing live footage with interview segments from Guitarist Jacob Toy, Unique Leader have released a documentary covering Signs of the Swarm on the Deviation on the Nation tour entitled “Live at Club Red”. The footage showcases the skills of new vocalist David Simonish who replaced CJ McCreery in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Slamming Deathcore crew after

NEWS: Grudges and Anxxiety share “Deadass”!

Former Chelsea Grin frontman Alex Koehler released his second single under the Grudges moniker earlier today. While the first, entitled “Misery” had a lot in common with his previous Deathcore sound, this time out “Deadass”, a collaboration with rapper Anxxiety has none. A straight up hip-hop track is what it is. It’s going to be interesting

Review: “Eternal Nightmare” by Chelsea Grin

A lot has changed for Salt Lake City, Utah Deathcore heavyweights Chelsea Grin in the build up to recording the newly released album “Eternal Nightmare”. Guitarist Jake Harmond exited the band in March after a 9 year stint citing family reasons. Then frontman Alex Koehler, the only remaining original founding member, announced his departure at the end