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Playthrough: “No Sign of the Dawn” from Raider!

Lyrically revolving around overcoming lies and hatred that stand between all of us and the truth, Waterloo Ontario Canada’s Death Thrash outfit Raider dropped their album “Guardians of the Fire” in March. Guitarists Ira Lehtovaara and Gabe Rosa have gone back to the record for a playthrough of “No Sign of the Dawn”, one of the

NEWS: Raider attack at dawn?

It’s time to fire up the Sega Genesis for some Golden Axe while listening to the new Raider single “No Sign of the Dawn“. The Ontario Canadian Death Metal tinged Thrashers have unleashed a music video to go with the song which appears on their “Guardian of the Fire” album which lyrically takes some inspiration

NEWS: Raider run from the “Ravenous Hydra”!

Canadian Death Thrash crossover Masters Raider promised something special was coming this way via social media a couple of weeks back and now we finally have it. A solid gold cinema worthy music video for “Ravenous Hydra” from their debut album “Guardian of the Fire” The band explains the track and lyrics: “Sometimes it feels

NEWS: Raider leap into the fire!

Waterloo Ontario Canadian Death Metal infused Thrash outfit Raider have been busy promoting their March released “Guardian of the Fire” album which is available now over at bandcamp. A beast of a record, if you’re unfamiliar check out this Pizza oven fresh release of the lyric video of the title track and of course our

Review: “Guardian Of The Fire” by Raider

Formed in 2017, Waterloo Ontario Canadian Death Metal tinged Thrash act Raider found their sound and unleashed their debut EP “Urge To Kill” a year later with the help of Producer and Engineer Jonah Kay at HM Studios and Zach Gerber at Skytrack Studios who handled the Mastering. Lead Guitarist Kyle Edissi exited the group

NEWS: Raider premier “Guardian Of The Fire”!

Waterloo Ontario Canadian Death Metal infused Thrash outfit Raider have premiered the second single and title track from their 20th March releasing debut full length record “Guardian of The Fire“. On the follow up to single “Bound By No Fate” the band comment: “Our title track is the apex of this record’s theme: overcoming the

NEWS: Raider are back on the high seas!

The first single Canadian Death Thrash outfit Raider have chosen from their upcoming 20th March “Guardian of The Fire” has appeared in the form of “Bound By No Fate“. The follow up to their debut EP “Urge To Kill” which dropped in 2018, the quintet have talked about how they evolved their sound: “We brought