NEWS: Raider run from the “Ravenous Hydra”!

Canadian Death Thrash crossover Masters Raider promised something special was coming this way via social media a couple of weeks back and now we finally have it. A solid gold cinema worthy music video for “Ravenous Hydra” from their debut album “Guardian of the Fire

The band explains the track and lyrics: “Sometimes it feels like when we conquer one hardship, two take its place. In spite of this, it’s important to keep moving forward. Musically, ‘Ravenous Hydra’ shows you just how frantic a fight with the beast would be! Dive into the depths of Lerna and experience the brand new lyric video depicting exactly that! This is a reflection of battle – the chorus is relentless head diving to devour you, and the verses provide a small respite until the final head is claimed.”

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