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Playthrough: “Sentient Glow” from Periphery!

Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb visited the headquarters of Seymour Duncan in Santa Barbara California as he’s got his own signature pickup – the “Alpha/Omega” and his own signature “Dark Sun” pedal with them. While he was there, they captured this playthrough for “Sentient Glow” on the production floor, with the track appearing on the bands

NEWS: Periphery “Follow Your Ghost”?

Recorded during the “Hail Stan” tour in Dallas Texas, DJentlemen Periphery have premiered a live music video for “Follow Your Ghost“. Assisted in the creation by Ronnie Young who recorded and mixed the live audio and by Randy Edwards who shot and ended the video.

Documentary: Periphery North American Tour 2020!

…with the help of Randy Edwards who shot and edited the footage, Periphery have recapped their North American tour with Plini and Arch Echo in some style. As good as some of these are from some bands, it’s nice to have one that is more than 60 seconds long. “Hail Stan” is out now, the

Documentary: The Oral History Of Periphery!

Guitarists Mark Holcomb and Jake Bowen got dragged kicking and screaming to the Alternative Press studios by director Bobby Makar to present an Oral History of Periphery, from “Periphery I” to “Hail Stan” in just 38 minutes. How is that even possible? The Progressive Metal icons cut more than a few corners but needs must.

Documentary: Periphery Guitar Lesson!

How often is it that a guitarist like Mark Holcomb from Periphery would get a guitar lesson? And even if they wanted some critical assessment of their playing, who would they even go to? Well Reverb paired him up with Yvette Young of Covet so the duo could share some epic riff wizardry. Periphery will

Playthrough: “Follow Your Ghost” from Periphery!

Filmed on their recent North American Tour in “behind the kit” style, here’s  Periphery drummer Matt Halpern playing “Follow Your Ghost”. The second playthrough this week, the original appears on “Hail Stan”, the Progressive DJentlemen’s first foray into independence. Having recorded the bass tracks for the album despite stepping away officially, it will be interesting to

Playthrough: “Chvrch Bvrner” from Periphery!

DJentlemen Periphery will in town in November with Plini and Astronoid and hopefully drummer Matt Halpern will be as happy with his performance of “Chvrch Bvrner” as he is with this live drum playthrough! The shows of course come in support of the pioneers first foray into independence, creating 3DOT Recordings and putting the album

NEWS: Periphery burn churches?

Progressive Tech-Metal pioneers Periphery will come for tour upon our shores in November with Plini and Astronoid in tow. The shows are in support of their new album “Hail Stan” so they’ve given “Chvrch Bvrner”, the full music video treatment and as you might expect, it’s just a little bit weird.

Playthrough: “It’s Only Smiles” by Periphery!

When you’ve got a trio of guitarists in your band, who decides which player plays which part to make up the sound of the song? Periphery have chosen Matt Holcomb to record this playthrough of “It’s Only Smiles” from the comfort of a sofa which no doubt has been a practice space for a while.