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Review: “Your Receding Warmth” by Boundaries

There was a point earlier in 2020 when there was a question mark in our minds over the continuation of Connecticut Metallic Hardcore quintet Boundaries future. Travis Tabron had stepped down from Varials and vocalist Matthew McDougal was filling in during their live shows and doing a stand out job of it. However it seems

Bootleg: Boundaries at Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia!

Hartford, Connecticut quintet¬†Boundaries at Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA on 19th February! Pro-shot in high definition! The Metallic Hardcore crew have a pair of EPs out in “Hartford County Misery” and “Spring Demonstration” on Unbeaten Records!

Review: “Spring Demonstration” EP by Boundaries

Boundaries are a 5 piece¬†metal band from Hartford, Connecticut comprising of frontman Matt McDougal, drummer Kevin Stevens, bassist Brandon Breedlove and axe wielding duo Zadak Brooks and Cory Emond. Having supported everyone from Bury Your Dead to Walls of Jericho, they’ve been putting in the hard yards for some time now. Indeed a pair of