Review: “Spring Demonstration” EP by Boundaries

Boundaries are a 5 piece metal band from Hartford, Connecticut comprising of frontman Matt McDougal, drummer Kevin Stevens, bassist Brandon Breedlove and axe wielding duo Zadak Brooks and Cory Emond. Having supported everyone from Bury Your Dead to Walls of Jericho, they’ve been putting in the hard yards for some time now. Indeed a pair of singles in 2015 and 2016 was followed up with the “Hartford County Misery” EP last summer before this 3 track EP “Spring Demonstration” appeared on 15th May. Is it half a split EP? Is a promo disk? Who cares? It’s a sub 8 minute fusion of metal and hardcore at punk speed that has your attention from the opening riff barrage of “Hand Fed” and Matt McDougal’s bark. It’s a fast paced cacophony of whirlwind drumming and driven guitars that move from fast to faster and back with a gang chant separation. Not forgetting the double time kick drumming before a perfectly timed guitar solo. The production is raw but the sound is still big enough to bring you back. It sounds like the band are almost playing live on the recording and that is a mark of genius. “Sanctum of Suffering” slows things down to beatdown speed before introducing some guitar squeal and whammy bar action. McDougal stretches his vocal chords with a collection of Deathcore inspired growls as the song takes some thrashier tones. The personal lyrics have a raw quality that inspire, in the truest hardcore sense while the bouncy riffage keeps the sense of fun with a dark and edgy menace. Longest cut “Nightmare Machine” the progresses things down more of a crossover thrash vibe after building a darker atmospheric with it’s dialled back opening strains. Building on the guitar squeals and menace of the previous song, taking the band through an older style thrash sound while demonstrating a level of control during some huge whammy bar segments. “Spring Demonstration” is a tidy EP that continues the great work of  “Hartford County Misery” – but we want more!  [8/10]


Track listing

  1. Hand Fed
  2. Sanctum of Suffering
  3. Nightmare Machine

“Spring Demonstration” by Boundaries and released via Unbeaten Records is available over at bandcamp.

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