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Throwback: “Manifest Decimation” from Power Trip!

While on the surface it may have seemed like Dallas Texas Crossover Thrash crew Power Trip appeared out of nowhere to broadside the masses with the critically acclaimed “Nightmare Logic” in 2017 and a European tour with Trivium that lives long in the memory, there is much more to their story than meets the eye.

NEWS: Lamb Of God and Kreator join forces for “State Of Unrest”!

They say that to expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect but the last thing we expected was a new single that finds members of German Thrash Metal legends Kreator joining forces with members of Lamb Of God ahead of the bands co-headlining “State Of Unrest” European tour trek that goes by the same

NEWS: Speed bleed one blood!

Flatspot Records have announced volume #4 of their “The Extermination” compilation series for 27th January with and exclusive new cut from Australian Hardcore homewreckers Speed with “One Blood We Bleed”. The video for the song celebrates the world-wide community both Flatspot and the band have built out, filmed in three takes on locations in both Los Angeles,

Review: “Chiroptera” by Algebra

Fourteen years have gone by in the blink of an eye for Swiss Trash act Algebra, a band who have in that time become one of the most reliable machines on Planet Metal. Metronomic time keeping and laser guided missile precision have been the backbone of their previous works from their 2008 demo to 2019’s

Review: “Totem” by Soulfly

Twenty five years after their inception the arrival of the twelfth album from Phoenix Arizona based Soulfly in “Totem” is one that offers a certain amount of intrigue. What kind of riffs is Max Cavalera going to bring to the King’s table in the absence of Marc Rizzo following last summers less than amicable departure?

Throwback: “Bummer” from Monster Magnet!

“Some people go to bed with Lucifer, Then they cry, cry, cry when they don’t greet the day with God, I know life’s a bummer baby, But that’s got precious little to do with me” ~ David Wyndorf The story goes that back in 1997 after the Dopes To Infinity tour, seeking inspiration for the

Bootleg: “Firing Squad” from Power Trip!

Continuing the run of live performances released today comes another from the pro-shot full set which took place on the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2018 and will go down in Metal history as iconic and one of the few that remain from Power Trip. The Crossover Thrash act tragically

Bootleg: “Suffer No Fool” from Power Trip!

The Ronnie James Dio Stage at Bloodstock in 2018 was one of the biggest stages that Power Trip were able to take prior to the tragic passing of their much loved frontman Riley Gale. From that set, here’s the band performing “Suffer No Fool” pro-shot in the finest order. Nominated for a Grammy for “Executioner’s

Review: “Empiricism” by Incarceration

Five years since their last EP “Catharsis” and Hamburg Germany based Death Metallers Incarceration have unveiled not only a new record but a new line-up as well. Joining vocalist and bassist Daniel de Silva and drummer Michael Koch moving forward are guitarists Pedro Capaça (Violator) and Alex Obscured (Speedwhore, Obscured by Evil) with the band seeking to create