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NEWS: Aversions Crown enter the “Paradigm”!

Celebrating the release of their new album “Hell Will Come For Us All” via Nuclear Blast, Australian Death Metal titans Aversions Crown have dropped a music video for “Paradigm” from the release. Third Eye Visuals created the video for it with the band yet to bury the hatchet with former vocalist Colin Jeffs and let

NEWS: Aversions Crown climb from the gutter!

The chances seem incredibly slim but would Aversions Crown bury the hatchet with Colin Jeffs by letting him direct a music video for a track for their upcoming 12th June album “Hell Will Come For Us All“? No? Didn’t think so. Instead they tapped up Third Eye Visuals for the task while Nuclear Blast will

Interview: Aversions Crown talk “Hell Will Come For Us All”!

12th June 2020 marks the release date of the highly anticipated (by us anyway) new album from Brisbane Metallers Aversions Crown via Nuclear Blast. Guitarist Michael Jeffery (ex-City in Panic, ex-Widow the Sea, ex-Rome) spoke to Heavy New York about not only the album, guitar theory and the Australian Metal scene in this amazing interview. Pre-orders

NEWS: Aversions Crown get dirty with “The Soil”!

Nuclear Blast have taken advantage of release day Friday and dropped a new single entitled “The Soil” from Brisbane quartet Aversions Crown. It comes with the artwork and pre-order opening for their 12th June offering “Hell Will Come For Us All” which is expected to be followed by announcements of extensive World tours. They’re currently in