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Bootleg: Hellfound in Ukraine!

Celebrating their ninth year as a band Zhytomyr Ukraine’s Hellfound rounded off the year with a home town show on 12th December alongside Schizogen, Blood Expectoration and Necropsy Defecation and have shared the full set for your viewing pleasure. A band who began life with a shared interest in horror movies with their lyrical themes

Planet Metal #4: Ukraine!

Our monthly round up of Underground Metal bands from around the Globe has been pretty random so far with stops in Europe, South America, Russia and so a return to Eastern Europe and a region steeped in Slavic culture in Ukraine seems like a good place to be and with a population exceeding 41 million

Review: “2020” by Hellfound

Formed in 2012 in Zhytomyr Ukraine, Hellfound started with a shared interest in horror movies and their lyrical themes often resolved around zombies and apocalyptic events, however during the bands development, themes have shifted to change and social problems accompanied by a healthy dose of Groove, Death and even Thrash Metal. The quintet started out

Bootleg: Hellfound at Punk Is Not Dead!

The only Thrash Metal act on the bill at Punk Is Not Dead on 30th August 2019, Hellfound had to make their presence count so here is the full set. Having formed in 2012 in Zhytomyr Ukraine, they started out with lyrical themes of based on horror movies and zombies with 2017’s “Intruders” being a