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NEWS: 10 bands announced for Hopfest 2021!

…with Saturday headlining act still to be announced, Wellingborough is the place to be across the weekend of 25th and 26th June 2021 for Hopfest. Regulars and favourites from the UK Metal Underground circuit will be present and correct including the not to be missed From Eden to Exile, who dropped their brilliant “Age of

The Black Map 76: Selfworth from London!

Taking the journey from a place that not that many folks have heard of back to London it’s time to check out Selfworth. A quintet who strive to promote a positive outlook on the World with their message and a cathartic writings, they’ve delivered three singles over the past 12 months in “Paperskin”, “Scissors To

NEWS: Hopfest 2018 has 3 mystery bands…

Taking place at Rushden Athletic Club in Northamptonshire over the weekend of 29th June, Hopfest 2018 still has 3 mystery bands to unveil. The 3 day festival will feature the cream of the crop of UK underground metal talent, including Sworn Amongst, Carcer City & Confessions of a Traitor while also landing Birmingham’s finest Oceans