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Review: “Chimaira” by Stone Horns

“We’re all chasing a chimera, but isn’t it the chimera that’s chasing us? That’s the question this album tries to answer, combining freshness and warmth, violence and peace, waves, and digressions. There’s something for every metal taste and color. The aim of this album is for fans of every sub-genre of metal to be able

NEWS: Horned. Landmvrks. Hegemony. Rising Nemesis. Eminence.

Is it possible to cross the DNA of Death Metal with Beatdown Hardcore? Wait. Isn’t that Deathcore? Landmarks vocalist Florent Salfati might beg to differ. He’s been busy mixing and mastering of late with “Eminence” by Horned being the subject of his work. The Marseille France band will be celebrating on 20th March as their