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NEWS: Hranice Abyss announce “Aphagy”!

Choosing the final cut for a single is uncommon but not unheard of and with their new EP “Aphagy” out this weekend, San Paulo Brazil based Thrash infused Death Metal outfit Hranice Abyss┬áhave done exactly that with “Pathfinder“. Their combination of a six string guitar and a five string bass helps make this one really

Planet Metal #3: Brazil!

So we’ve been to Italy and to Russia over the past couple of months with our Planet Metal feature so the question is, can we do a five band feature for Brazil without mentioning Sepultura? You bet we can! If you’re new to this game, then the rules are real simple. Each week we highlight

NEWS: Hranice Abyss make their debut!

San Paulo isn’t just the home of Sepultura. Brazilian Death Metal trio Hranice Abyss have brought their first single “Violation of Human Condition” to the table just before the turn of the year. The band comprises vocalist Vic Ferreira, guitarist Henrique De Fina and bassist Bruno Nicolozzi and have a unique combination of six and