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Interview: Avatar fan Q&A with Sylvia Massy!

Sylvia Massy, the producer who worked with Avatar on their 2016 album “Of Feathers & Flesh” has been the fans choice for interviewing vocalists Johannes Eckerström as he answers questions from those very fans on subjects from Shotguns to Microphones and Parachutes. All this comes ahead of the bands hugely ambitious set of 4 streams

NEWS: Avatar announce Ages: An Impossible Concert Experience!

Avatar have become the latest band to move into the pay per view streaming market with a hugely ambitious set of 4 streams set for January 2021. They’ve taken it upon themselves to rehearse a new set for 7 days straight between shows with fan voted set lists so that each stream will be an

Documentary: “Scaling The Mountain” with Avatar!

Filmed over a two year period across multiple countries, Scaling The Mountain is a documentary that chronicles the life of Swedish Avant-garde Metallers Avatar as they create their critically acclaimed album “Hunter Gatherer“. Reunited with producer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Anthrax) at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, California for the record, it sees the band

Playthrough: “Silence In The Age Of Apes” from Avatar!

Believe it our not, our eyes were opened to the Avatar World thanks to the recommendation of one Matt Heafy of Trivium fame. His praise for the band turned us onto their new album “Hunter Gatherer” and the rest is… well history. It may not be part of their sick riffs series but this new

Review: “Hunter Gatherer” by Avatar

In 2019 Avatar reunited with producer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Slipknot, Anthrax) at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, California, where the foundation for each song on Hunter Gatherer was laid with the band performing altogether, as they’d done only once before on 2014’s “Hail the Apocalypse“. Aimed at capturing the bands live energy by allowing

Documentary: Avatar get Rigged with Gear Gods!

This time next week it will be the eighth Christmas Eve for Avatar fans as they will be getting ready to dive into “Hunter Gatherer” as it falls, courtesy of Century Media, down their chimneys on 7th August. In the meantime, here’s guitarist duo Jonas Jarlsby and Tim Ohrstrom taking Gear Gods through their live