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Interview: Carnifex talk to Impericon!

The resurgent Carnifex joined Thy Art Is Murder on a European tour trek earlier this year thanks in part to the brutally good “World War X” landing on Planet Metal via Nuclear Blast. Vocalist Scott Lewis and guitarist Cory Arford took some time out of their schedule to answer the most asked questions on the

Interview: Northlane talk to Impericon!

The “Alien” World tour for Australian DJentlemen Northlane has been a huge success and while in Germany they played as game of “would you rather…” with Impericon. We’re expecting the Australians to be sinking their beers in Europe with a festival run this summer. Download anyone?  

NEWS: Gun Drummer takes on Whitechapel!

So “The Valley” by Whitechapel made it on to our Top #5 Albums of 2019 and they’ll be in our neck of the woods for some shows around their Impericon Festival run. Metal Blade took a chance on the album concept and it works… so now it’s the turn of The Gun Drummer to do

Documentary: “You Got Me All F***ed Up” from Deez Nuts!

Courtesy of Impericon comes the documentary about the making of the album that features singles “Crooked Smile” and “Bitterest End” entitled “You Got Me All F***ed Up” from Australian Hardcore Punks Deez Nuts. We’re hopeful it might give us some insight into where the band came from with the album and maybe a new found

Interview: Killswitch Engage play Top Three!

Westfield Massachusetts Metalcore heroes Killswitch Engage were in Germany on the European leg of their “Atonement” tour so Guitarist Adam D. took a moment to play “Top Three” with Impericon. They’ve stolen the logo from Black Flag, but it’s all good fun and the Impericon Never Say Die Tour headlined by Crystal Lake will be

Bootleg: “Apollo” from Crystal Lake!

Headlinging this year’s incarnation of the annual Impericon Never Say Die Tour as it crashes it’s way through venues across Europe are Japanese Metalcore heroes Crystal Lake. They’re bringing with them a prize line-up this year, including Alpha Wolf and our very own Our Hollow Our Home. So here’s “Apollo” from them, if you haven’t

Interview: Alpha Wolf play Top Three!

Soon to be back in Europe in the Impericon Never Say Die Tour will be Australian Gloom crew Alpha Wolf. They’ll be playing cuts from their EP “Fault” which is out now via SharpTone Records and hopefully they won’t bring the giant red cobra with them! They joined Impericon for their classic Top Three game

Bootleg: “Agony” from Crystal Lake!

Filmed on 8th August at Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic, here’s “Agony” from Japanese Metalcore heroes Crystal Lake. They’ve been circulating the Globe in support of current album “Double Helix” out now via SharpTone Records and will be joined by a giant red cobra on this year’s incarnation of the Impericon Never Say

Live Review: Radar Festival Day #1: Friday

We’re at the first incarnation of a brand new Progressive Metal Festival in Guildford Surrey, taking place in a Casino a stones throw from the train station. It promises two days of wall to wall Metal with a wide range of bands we know well taking to a pair of stages with no overlapping sets.

Bootleg: “Feast For The Crows” from Our Hollow Our Home!

Another cut from Jera on Air Festival, “Feast For The Crows” from South Coast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home! They will joining Polar on this year’s incarnation of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour which will be making its way across Europe in November with a clutch of UK shows!