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Documentary: “Ritual Hymns” by Worm Shepherd!

Maintaining their reputation as having one of the heaviest rosters around, Unique Leader Records have shared the making of documentary for the approaching three month old sophomore album “Ritual Hymns” from Connecticut Melodic Blackened Deathcore monsters Worm Shepherd that features a guest appearance from Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex and is a more than worthy follow

Playthrough: “Chalice Ov Rebirth” from Work Shepherd!

Be warned… 14th January is set to be an absolutely monumental day for new releases with Shadow Of Intent, Fit For An Autopsy and now Worm Shepherd joining the Deathcore party. Each bring their own flavour from the Symphonic to the Blackened and the latter will be giving us “Ritual Hymns” via Unique Leader Records.

NEWS: Worm Shepherd drink from the “Chalice Ov Rebirth”!

32 days after the premier of the title track from their new album “Ritual Hymns“, Connecticut Blackened Deathcore monsters Worm Shepherd have shared up a second sacraficial offering from the 14th January via Unique Leader Records release. Titled “Chalice Ov Rebirth” it has surfaced in lyric video form with stunning artwork from the album in

NEWS: Worm Shepherd begin to write the hymn sheets… in blood!

Premiering the title track of their upcoming new album “Ritual Hymns” are Connecticut Blackened Deathcore monsters Worm Shepherd who are set to make the ground shake on 14th January via Unique Leader Records, a label that maintain their reputation as having one of, if not the heaviest roster around. It’s not going to be one for

Bootleg: Worm Shepherd in Lakewood Ohio!

Every time we talk to bands about what it would mean to them to get an endorsement with a gear manufacturer, we secretly hope that the company they’d like to do something with is watching and helps them out. Be that with a discount or with some free stuff in exchange for gear demos or

NEWS: “Ov Sword And Nail” premiers from Worm Shepherd!

In the case of Melodic Blackened Deathcore collective Worm Shepherd it’s not “Tooth And Nail” but “Ov Sword And Nail” with their new single, the first from sessions completed in Nashville Tennessee last month for their sophomore album. The album will of course see release via Unique Leader Records who let their debut “In Wake

Review: “In The Wake Ov Sòl” by Worm Shepherd

Connecticut Blackened Deathcore brutes Worm Shepherd released their debut album “In The Wake Ov Sòl” six months ago and having gained much attention for it, they’ve inked a deal with arguably the heaviest mainstream label around at the moment in Unique Leader Records. While hatching big plans together including finalising their follow up album with plans to

NEWS: Worm Shepherd premier “Wretchedness Upon The Gates”!

Building up those guest vocal appearances, Signs Of The Swarm frontman David Simonich has joined Brockton Massachusetts Deathcore collective Worm Shepherd for “Wretchedness Upon The Gates“, the brutal second offering from their upcoming 25th December releasing album “In The Wake Ov Sol“. You may remember back in October the premier of “Accused“, the first single