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NEWS: A Hard Days Work for Atena!

A fifth single in “Hard Day” from ten cuts to make the grade of “Subway Anthem“, the 29th September Indie Recordings release from Norwegian Metalcore pioneers Atena has surfaced. Mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Imminence), the raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics continue the bands long running trends as they

NEWS: Atena drink the poison… until they become immune?

After much teasing, Norwegian Metalcore act Atena have chosen “Poison Pure” as the fourth single from their upcoming new album “Subway Anthem”, due for release 29th September via Indie Recordings. The follow up to the critically acclaimed “Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled with Water” it is mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The

Review: “Cosmos” by Navian

“We started out talking about the vision we all had in mind of what we wanted to do this time around. How we wanted the instruments to sound, the way we wanted to orchestrate and arrange the music, how we wanted it to be played, what kind of energy and landscape we were looking to

Review: “Loop Of Yesterdays” by Azusa

When Azusa released the critically acclaimed 2018 album “Heavy Yoke“, they declared themselves as creating “Avant-Thrash for the discerning listener“. A collective of players who you might have known better for their prior works formed the band in 2014 and with Eleni Zafiriadou of Sea & Air fame on vocals, Liam Wilson of The Dillinger

NEWS: Azusa are out for total annhilation!

Creating Avant-Thrash for the discerning listener, Azusa (Extol, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sea & Air) are shaping up to release the follow up to 2018’s critically acclaimed “Heavy Yoke” with “Loop Of Yesterdays” on 10th April. The new album will feature this new track “Kill/Destroy“, which has surfaced online today via Indie Recordings.

NEWS: Vredehammer are “In Shadow”!

Indie Recordings are streaming another track from the third studio album of trio Vredehammer which will be slithering out of the snake charmers basket on 6th March 2020. The track is entitled “In Shadow” and incase you didn’t get it from the pun, the album is called “Viperous“. Starter for 10. How many songs with