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NEWS: Inhibitor stalk the night?

A new era for Melbourne, Australia Deathcore quintet Inhibitor has begun with “Nightstalker“, the first with a new and as yet unnamed vocalist whose face is hidden in promo shots and the music video that accompanies the track. The band are jumping on stages with Earth Caller and Thy Art Is Murder as well as having their

NEWS: Prepare for “Abhorrence” with Inhibitor!

Melbourne, Australia Deathcore quintet Inhibitor have been hard at work in the studio with Jamie Marinos (Anticline, Alpha Wolf) producing and mixing and Lance Prenc (Polaris, Void Of Vision) mastering their debut EP “Abhorrence“. That will surface from the dark depths on 11th September with pre-orders available here. They’ve shared “Catalyst” from the beast.

NEWS: Inhibitor believe “Death” follows “Loathing”!

Mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Void of Vision), Melbourne Australian Deathcore quintet Inhibitor have debuted a their second single “Death“. They have to thank Cinematographer Jackson Webster who has done them proud with an incredible music video for the track that follows up “Loathing” and puts them firmly on the Metal Map.