Review: “Abhorrence” by Inhibitor (2nd Anniversary)

Two years ago Melbourne Australian Deathcore collective Inhibitor announced themselves on the scene with “Abhorrence“, a record notable before being listened to due to the presence of a guest vocal appearance from former Aversions Crown frontman Mark Poida and for having been mastered by the legendary Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf, Polaris). We haven’t even mentioned at this point that it was  produced and mixed by Jamie Marinos (Thornhill, Alpha Wolf, Anticline) or that it was recorded as a quartet of leaf guitarist Samuel Celli-Bird, vocalist Jesse Burr, rhythm guitarist Daniel Mcbride and with session drums performed & recorded by Robin Stone…

…drawing on influences from American Deathcore and Death Metal outfits like Whitechapel, Cannibal Corpse and Fit For An Autopsy with Jesse Burr offering up distinctly politically charged lyrics over a barrage of potent, razor sharp riffage and skull shattering breakdowns, Inhibitor are like an Alligator, creeping out of the shallows to drag you under, death rolling you into submission in the black depths. Burr rates among the more savage of ear splitting vocalists, but his unclean larynx threatening style still means that the lyrics are perfectly audiable which is a win win situation. Given the relentless artillery shelling of percussive battery that includes a plethora of techtonic plate troubling rumblings, jackhammer footwork and blast beats galore, it is little wonder that they took their time to find someone capable of gracing the drum stool with Robin Stone the perfect mercenary for the purpose. Cuts like “Beserker” are the sort of thing that appears on those “try not to headbang challenge” videos that appear on multiple platforms these days, even on first listen you want to get out of your seat, shove whomever is in your surroundings around and start an instant Mosh pit. The band are far more than brutal stuccato riff breaks and breakdowns however, specialising in oppressive atmospheres and colossal sounds, the leads of “Catalyst” a Death Metal treat, the gargantuan sounds that underpin it bordering on the cinematic. Having Mark Poida make his presence felt here is for Inhibitor having a hero on board and in “Dread” they push themselves to the absolute limit. A face melting solo, some eerie haunting leads and an absolute bomb blast of inhuman percussive warfare make for the bands finest point in a fearsome, restless and relentless cut that leaves you breathless. So if anyone talks about Deathcore being an over saturated genre, point them to this because a new age has begun [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Loathing
  2. Beserker
  3. Death
  4. Catalyst
  5. Dread (ft. Mark Poida of Valley Of Snakes, ex-Aversions Crown, ex-I, Valiance)

Abhorrence” by Inhibitor is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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