Review: “Tales Of The White Eye” by Limos

Escaping the woods of Kainuu, Finland in 2017, vocalist Eirik Manne, lead guitarist Eppu Herala, rhythm guitarist Eetu Herala, bassist Tuomas Suokko and drummer Teemu Ohtonen formed Limos to create Melodic Death Metal sounds. As those bleak forests were left behind, the band took with them the elements that defines their music and made it their own; melodic riffs across the board, supported by harsh vocals. Their debut single “Encompass The Spirit” made waves and was followed by debut EP “Watching The Winds” recorded by Elmeri Kinnunen (Vinide) and Mixed and mastered by Juho Rinne (Hybrid Children, Kiusa). Now, citing Jinjer as an influence, it’s time for their sophomore effort…

The soaring opening to “Altars” makes intriguing use of a more melodic guitar tone with Death Metal riffs to create contrasting texture against Manne’s guttural vocals that have the same kind of accenting as Soulfly, Killer Be Killed and former Sepultura vocalist Max Cavalera. That gives the sound of Limos the instant hook of familiarity in a totally unexpected way and will no doubt turn heads thinking they are hearing a project by the Brazilian and then falling in love with Limos in their own right. What’s not to love? Soaring guitars, precision drumming, blast beats and a groove that underpins it all is certainly impressive. “Rise To Arms” has a typical Power Metal lyrical theme and something of Amon Amarth about it with a catchy riff that is a little bit more progressive and a dynamic solo to bolster it. Yes, this second cut is a little bit cheesy but after a few beers, you’ll be raising your glass and singing along. It’s that kind of guilty pleasure. “Child of the White Eye” is a tale befitting Iron Maiden and it’s slow building acoustic guitars have something medieval about them before the Melodic Death Metal riffs take over. It’s slow epic grandeur is a sea shanty style shows a little more vocal range an is an interesting sub plot to the main attractions. “Surullisten Järvien Maa” or “Land Of Sad Lakes” is a story told in the bands native tongue with a mid track spoken word and brutal second half after a slow and brooding introduction. If you like your Melodic Death Metal firmly in the epic category, then this one is for you [7/10]

Track listing

1. Altars
2. Rise to Arms
3 Child of the White Eye
4. Surullisten Järvien Maa

Tales Of The White Eye” by Limos is out 3rd July via Inverse Records

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