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Review: “Isochron” by Denominate

“Isochron” marks the third studio record from Finnish Technical Progressive Death Metallers Denominate in six years, with the cover art by Juha Vuorma offering an insight into a concept record of sorts which tells a story taking the listener on a journey spanning millennia, exploring themes about the nature of the universe and the morality

NEWS: Denominate feel abandoned…

…featuring cover art by the great Juha Vuorma, after some delay the sophomore album “Isochron” from Finnish Progressive Death Metal quintet Denominate will finally see the light of day on 24th July via Inverse Records. Having already given “The Chain” a premier in lyric video format from the seven track concept album, today sees “Abandoned”

NEWS: Denominate don’t wish to break “The Chain”!

An official lyric video for “The Chain” by a Finnish Progressive Death Metal band Denominate has surfaced, the first cut from their upcoming second studio record “Isochron” which is set to be released on 24th July 2020 via Inverse Records. The residents of Oulu made their debut back in 2014 with EP “Realms of Confusion”