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NEWS: It Came From Beneath bleed with the “Eyeless”!

It might seem like yesterday but back in 2018 we reviewed “Clair Obscur” from Lyon France based Deathcore quintet It Came From Beneath and since then they’ve never been too far from our radar with a blend of skull crushing breakdowns, Death Metal riffs and schizophrenic lyrics so tightly packed that they leave no room

NEWS: It Came From Beneath see “Fading Lights”!

Lyon France’s Deathcore quintet It Came From Beneath have released a music video for “Fading Lights” which features a guest vocal from Johan Girardeau of Celeste fame. The track appears on their anvil heavy album “Clair Obscur”. Check out our review!

Review: “Clair Obscur” by It Came From Beneath

Formed in 2010 and comprising vocalist Léo Muller, drummer Julien Ropert, bassist Nico Colère and axe wielding duo Lorenzo Di Biase & Etn Lpz, It Came From Beneath are very much a Deathcore band from Lyon, France. “Clair Obscur” is the bands second full length album, following their debut “When No Light Remains” in 2013, while