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Throwback: “Crazy Life” by (hed)p.e.

Last week saw the 20th Anniversary of the underrated third album “Blackout” by Huntington Beach California’s (hed)p.e., a record once dismissed by frontman Jared Gomes as “Corporate Junk”. He has long claimed to have given in to the pressure from their then label Jive Records to create an all out Nu-Metal record that brought forward

NEWS: (hed)p.e. wind the clock back with Dropout Kings!

As had been promised a week ago by (hed)p.e. vocalist Jared Gomes, an alternative version of the classic “Bartender” from their seminal 2020 Jive Records “Broke” has landed with Pheonix Arizona Nu-Metal revivalists Dropout Kings  lending vocalist Eddie Wellz and guitarist Staig Flynn for some alternative verses and Trap Metal inspired guitar vibes while DJ

NEWS: “I Got You” by (hed)p.e. gets 20th Anniversary video!

A third music video for the 20th Anniversary of the seminal (hed)p.e. album “Broke” has surfaced. Having already received ones for “Swan Dive” and “Boom (How You Like That)” created from leftover footage from the “Touring for Broke” documentary from the bands then guitarist Chad “Chizard” Benekos, it’s now time for “I Got You” to

Bootleg: (hed)p.e. in Minneapolis Minnesota!

As the 20th Anniversary of seminal sophomore album “Broke” continue in 2020, Liberated Tape Archive have uncovered (hed)p.e. at First Avenue in Minneapolis Minnesota on 2nd February 1999. It sees them perform cuts from their self titled debut album which dropped in 1997, a second generation VHS tape transfer split over 2 cameras. If you’ve

NEWS: (hed)p.e. give “Swan Dive” 20th Anniversary video!

If you haven’t seen it yet then the Touring For Broke documentary around the tour cycle for the 20th Anniversary of “Broke” from Huntington Beach California’s (hed)p.e. created by original guitarist Chad Benekos is a really interesting and insightful watch. Splicing together some leftover footage, he’s created a music video for classic track “Swan Dive“…

Throwback: “Renegade” from (hed)p.e.!

22nd August will officially mark the 20th Anniversary of “Broke“, the second studio album from Huntington Beach G-Punk outfit (hed)p.e. and even though frontman Jared Gomes has been the last man standing from the original line up for a long time, they’re widely expected to complete a World Tour for it. So after the success

NEWS: (hed)p.e. 20th Anniversary of “Broke” tour in September!

Huntington Beach California G-Punks (hed)p.e. have officially announced the 20th anniversary tour for their 2000 album “Broke“. The UK shows will take place in September with the band going from North America to Europe and then Russia as part of the celebrations. Whether or not they have healed the woulds with Jive Records and will