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Bootleg: JumpScare in Spartaco!

Eight tracks from Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpsScare make this full set from Distrake Revival in Spartaco a winner. They are planning a European tour trek of their own for their album “Don’t Close Your Eyes” for 2021 which will feature most if not all of these songs and given frontman Ciro “Kirion” Silvano’s recent

NEWS: JumpScare cover A Day To Remember?!

After a collection of vocal covers including cuts by Emmure and Suicide Silence, Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare have collaborated with Dave Ricci of Deaf Autumn to record a full band cover of “I’m Made Of Wax, Larry What Are You Made Of?” by A Day To Remember compete with a music video. Covers album on

NEWS JumpScare cover Lamb Of God!

It’s seems like as Lamb Of God have unveiled their self titled album, every band on the planet has lost their s*** and thrown out an cover of something by the Richmond Virginia Groove Metal quintet. Well maybe not every band. But Enterprise Earth have done so with a throat splitting rendition of “Now You’ve

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Bloodline.

After 1998’s “Diabolus In Musica” received for the most part a luke warm reception amoung Slayer fans and deemed “experimental” at best and “bordering on Nu-Metal” at worst, something needed to change. Three years later, after successful stints on Ozzfest, they regrouped, switching from Rick Rubin to Matt Hyde (Nekrogoblikon, Hatebreed) to engineer, produce and

NEWS: JumpScare streaming Slayer cover!

A new Slayer tribute compilation album from Antichrist Metalzine sees no less that 26 bands pay tribute to the newly retired Big Four of Thrash Kings. Joining Serpents Kiss and Unto The Wolves are Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare who took on “Bloodline” from the bands “God Hates Us All” album, self recording, mixing and

NEWS: JumpScare get darkly ambient…

Ever wondered what Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare would sound like if they became and Industrial Metal outfit? No? Us neither. But we know someone who does. Remixer Bormanus has created a Dark Ambient remix of their track “Dark Bodies” which has just a hint on Rammstein flavour and is available courtesy of the band

Playthrough: “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by JumpScare!

Endorsed by InteremoDeus Clothing, Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare have let rhythm guitarist Vincenzo Mussolino out of the basement to record a guitar playthrough for the title track of their album “Don’t Close Your Eyes“. He’s playing the Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy) custom model Schecter Guitar with their very own Skull Strings and a Kemper

Playthrough: “Paralyzed” by JumpScare!

Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare have let bassist Salvatore Ciccarelli show off his enwt signature Empire bass guitar by Kingdom Guitars with Skull Strings using Darkglass Electronics tones in this playthrough video for “Paralyzed” from the bands album “Don’t Close Your Eyes“. Now there maybe obvious comparisons to German Metalcore mainstays Caliban in the sound

NEWS: JumpScare only live once!

Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare shared a vocal cover of “A Gift A Curse” by Emmure last week and now they’ve returned with a cover of “You Only Live Once” by Suicide Silence. Paying tribute to the dearly departed Mitch Lucker, guitarist Andrea Di Martino and vocalist Kirion Silvano appear in the video.

NEWS: JumpScare to cover Emmure?

Vocalist Ciro “Kirion” Silvano from Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare has been using his time wisely and rehearsing some material, so he’s ready to play some shows around their debut full length “Don’t Close Your Eyes“, when he’s eventually allowed out from house arrest. Here’s a vocal cover of “A Gift A Curse” by Emmure