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Playthrough: “Falling Tears” from JumpScare!

While we continue to wait for new material from Italian stallions JumpScare, the Melodic Death Metal outfit have once again plundered their 2019 debut album “Don’t Close Your Eyes” for a playthrough video. This time out drummer Graziano Ciccarelli (who is joined in the band by his brother Salvatore Andrea on bass) smashes his way

Bootleg: “Sickness” from JumpScare!

Another one cut from their set in the Theatre for the Valle Caudina Metal Night, organized by Impatto Rock & Vault Lab, Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare have thrown at us a live rendition of “Sickness“. Not to be confused with that song by Disturbed, it’s one from 2019’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes“, but the question

Bootleg: “Falling Tears” from JumpScare!

Back where their ought to be, on stage in the Theatre for the Valle Caudina Metal Night, organized by Impatto Rock & Vault Lab are JumpScare who are keeping Melodic Death Metal alive in their native Italy and are past due a new album to follow 2019’s impressive “Don’t Close Your Eyes“. In the meantime,

Bootleg: “Paralyzed” from JumpScare!

Italian Melodic Death Metal monsters JumpScare returned to the stage with a new lineup on 26th November with Cremisi and Rot at Valle Caudina Metal Midnight with a new line up, armed for the apocalypse with their album “Don’t Close Your Eyes“. Cut from that set they’ve shared “Paralyzed” having entertained us throughout lockdown with

Interview: Jumpscare on The Midnight Manifesto!

Something of a rarity but an interview with Italian Melodic Death Metallers Jumpscare in the English language which sees drummer Graziano Ciccarelli chat with Mind Terrorist frontman Kostas Kafritsas on the radio show The Midnight Manifesto on Rock Infection Greece. Subjects of course include the bands lockdown activities as well as the benefits of having

NEWS: JumpScare cover Enterprise Earth!

Continuing a run of impressive vocal covers that has included interpretations of works by Lamb of God, Suicide Silence and Emmure, Ciro “Kirion” Silvano has chosen “Infernal Suffering” by Enterprise Earth as his next work. The vocalist who fronts Naples Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpsScare who themselves celebrate five years together in 2020 and released

Planet Metal #1: Italy!

Following the success of our Black Map feature that looks at the UK Underground Metal scene and pays some attention to the lesser lights of heaven, following the example of Pinky and the Brain, we’ve set our sights on conquering the World.  So each month we’re going to be picking an country and five bands

Bootleg: JumpScare in Spartaco!

Eight tracks from Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpsScare make this full set from Distrake Revival in Spartaco a winner. They are planning a European tour trek of their own for their album “Don’t Close Your Eyes” for 2021 which will feature most if not all of these songs and given frontman Ciro “Kirion” Silvano’s recent

NEWS: JumpScare cover A Day To Remember?!

After a collection of vocal covers including cuts by Emmure and Suicide Silence, Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare have collaborated with Dave Ricci of Deaf Autumn to record a full band cover of “I’m Made Of Wax, Larry What Are You Made Of?” by A Day To Remember compete with a music video. Covers album on

NEWS JumpScare cover Lamb Of God!

It’s seems like as Lamb Of God have unveiled their self titled album, every band on the planet has lost their s*** and thrown out an cover of something by the Richmond Virginia Groove Metal quintet. Well maybe not every band. But Enterprise Earth have done so with a throat splitting rendition of “Now You’ve