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Review: “Skullsplitter” by Killhall

In forming Killhall, bassist Stefan Laine (Judas Avenger, Swollen Eye View, Wolftopia), drummer Juuso Laukkanen (Methane, Intact), guitarist Tuomas Laukkanen, vocalist Madis “Mad” Velström (Külmking, Intact, Cantilena) and guitarist Micu Ohtonen (Intact, Dead Shape Figure, Skulldriver) have taken their experiences over the past fifteen years of writing, recording, rehearsing and playing shows and poured it

NEWS: Killhall premier “Delirium Tremens”!

…with 57 days to go before the 2nd June release of “Skullsplitter” by Killhall via Inverse Records, the Finnish-Estonian Metal band have dropped a second single from it in “Delirium Tremens“. Originally titled “I Want War” the first single surfaced back in January in “Fear Shaped Man” with the album undated and lacking cover artwork.

NEWS: Killhall premier “Fear Shaped Man”!

There maybe no release date, cover art or track listing but later this year Finnish-Estonian Metal quartet Killhall will release their debut album “I Want War” via Inverse Records. A first single and music video “Fear Shaped Man” can be considered a warning shot from a band whose members travel 666 Kilometres to rehearsals and