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NEWS: David Gunn reads “Follow My Tears” poem!

A day after the release of their new EP “K5: Follow My Tears“, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have put David Gunn on the witness stand to read the poem by which the new record is named. The band will be joining Ten56, Xile and Alpha Wolf in a 21 day trek across Europe with eight

NEWS: King 810 leave the brain splatter?

Ahead of their April European tour trek with Alpha Wolf and Ten56, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have announced that the 23rd January will see a new EP from them. Preceded by “Brains On The Asphalt” (not a sequel to “Swan Dive” by (hed)p.e.) and naturally accompanied by a music video directed by frontman David Gunn,

NEWS: Alpha Wolf. King 810. Ten56. Xile. April 2023!

Ten56 vocalist Aaron Matts promised a tour announcement last week and has delivered with The Steppin’ Over Roaches Tour that will find the Nu-Deathcore operatives joining Xile and King 810 in supporting headliners Alpha Wolf in a 21 day trek across Europe in April. Ten56 will have their upcoming new EP “Downer Part 2” out by

NEWS: King 810 “Heartbeats” directors cut!

Returning to 2019, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have shared a directors cut music video for “Heartbeats” shot on 500 Tungsten Super 8mm Kodak Film as part of the promotional campaign for their album “Suicide King“. One that has the fingerprints of producer Josh Schroeder (Varials, Lorna Shore, Gift Giver) all over it with involvement as

Review: “Learning To Dissolve” by Orthodox

We talk regularly about how often the words “highly anticipated” are used when it comes to new music from certain bands but in the case of Nashville Tennessee Nu-Metalcore act Orthodox who specialise in bringing Hardcore to a new, disturbing place of unease, anger and brokenness those words ring true. Their sophomore album “Let It

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Love Under Will” with King 810!

…with EP “Midwest Monsters” available in vinyl pressing, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have continued to promote their current album “AK Concerto No. 47 11th Movement In G Major” with a behind the scenes look at their now 3 month old music video for “Love Under Will“. Pandemic permitting, the Hellhounds will be prowling across Europe

NEWS: King 810 set their sights on Europe in May!

After the cancellation of their run with Thy Art Is Murder across Europe in October 2022, King 810 have acted swifty in announcing a run of shows in May in support of current album “AK Concerto No. 47 11th Movement In G Major“. The shows will see frontman David Gunn pulling double duties with a

NEWS: King 810 share “Love Under Will”!

Returning to Europe in 2022 as part of the “Human Target” World tour headlined by Australian Deathcore titans Thy Art Is Murder, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have continued to support their 2020 album “AK Concerto No. 47 11th Movement In G Major” with a music video for “Love Under Will“. Ironically enough the new clip

Review: “Life Is Pain” by Death Blooms

“We recorded the album last year with David Radahd-Jones in Manchester at Red City, which seems like a lifetime ago at this point. We’ve been in the exact same position as everyone else: raring to go, but waiting for the right moment. These songs were all written before what’s happened in the last 18 months,

Documentary: The Making Of “Red Queen” with King 810!

Now that the dust has settled on “AK Concerto No. 47 11th Movement In G Major” and Flint Michagan’s King 810 have regrouped as a quartet with an unnamed drummer and guitarist playing with original members David Gunn and Eugene Gill in the live arena. The question is whether they have what it takes to