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NEWS: Metal Alliance Festival set to save summer?

A group of European Festival organisers, including Bloodstock and Brutal Assault have got together to create an online Festival for this summer. An intriguing mix of bands is in the offering over the weekend of 7th-9th August including the talents of Butcher Babies, Alien Weaponry, King 810, Venom Prison and Spoil Engine. Tickets are priced

NEWS: King 810 live in the “House of Dust”!

A bleak new track with Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash vibes has surfaced from Flint Michigan Metallers King 810 entitled “House of Dust“. The band, who have been increasingly diverse in their output since Chiodos guitarist Jason Hale exited stage left are yet to announce a follow up record to “Suicide King” despite this now

NEWS: King 810 return to Flint!

The second single since forth studio album “Suicide King” sees King 810 return to the violent streets of Flint Michigan for another tale from David Gunn called “Dukes“. Following up “Hellhounds” which has already received it’s live debut, there is no mention of a new album as yet…

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of Hellhounds with King 810!

In this latest episode of King 810 TV, the Flint Michigan natives take us behind the scenes of their recent music video “Hellhounds” as they go scavenging in the dump for things to set fire to. The track surfaced online in bootleg format before it’s official release as the band previewed it live and marks

NEWS: King 810 run from the “Hellhounds”!

After yesterday’s mariana trench deep interview with Metal Injection, King 810 have premiered their first new material since fourth album “Suicide King” officially, having already received its live debut and been leaked online. It could be inspired by Nine Inch Nails, which might sound weird but why not?

Interview: King 810 talk to Metal Injection!

Frank from Metal Injection was granted an audience with King 810 frontman David Gunn for this deep interview as the band have begun to roll out their first new material since fourth album “Suicide King“. Topics of conversation include going from being independent to signing for Roadrunner Records and what life is like being from

Bootleg: King 810 debut new song live!

After the mixed response to their fourth studio album “Suicide King” which saw a big injection of non-Metal influences, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have debuted a new song live. Tentatively titled “For The Murder Of My Enemy” based on the lyrical content, it was played by the band who are now a quartet once more

Review: “Delirium” by Together In Tragedy

A Four piece from Campbelltown, Western Sydney Australia formed in late 2016, Together In Tragedy released their debut album “Social Construct” independently two years later. Building on their skills and experience in the live arena they have returned with “Delirium“, a 5 track EP recorded by Nat Sherwood at Maple Studios with additional recording at

Documentary: King 810 still have Heartbeats?

A year ago today was the release of “Heartbeats” by King 810, the forerunner single to the album “Suicide King”, a song that came together with a little help from Josh Schroeder. Arguably the best song on the bands fourth studio album, they’ve surprised by sharing a previously unreleased “making of” featurette!

Review: “Pre-Mediated” by TripleMurder

Hailing from Ottawa Ontario Canada and being quartet, Drummer Zachary Le May, Bassist Erich Mueller, Vocalist Mike Eron and Guitarist Maxwell Fortin-Proulx probably have the poshest names available to contrast the their moniker TripleMurder. We mean… How many homicidal maniacs have you met with a double barrel name that want to blast you with both