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NEWS: Kaamos Warriors believe in “In Blood And Spirit”!

Wasting no time, Finnish Dark Metal project Kaamos Warriors, a quartet spearheaded by Dark The Suns multi instrumentalist Mikko Ojala, have continued to plough the fields and scatter the ashes after the release of 2020’s third album “Kirous” via Inverse Records. The result of those activities which started in January are no longer shrouded in darkness

NEWS: “Kirous” music video from Kaamos Warriors!

The return of Dark The Suns multi instrumentalist Mikko Ojala’s other Finnish Dark Metal project Kaamos Warriors sees the trio go back to the winter of discontent for a music video for title track of their third album “Kirous”. They’re not resting on their laurels however and in January, just weeks after the albums release they

NEWS: Kaamos Warriors premier “Tuli”!

From their third album “Kirous“, Finnish Dark Metallers Kaamos Warriors have conjured a music video for “Tuli“, one of their their finer songs of the melancholy and cold of the North. Despite only forming in 2018, the trio have already begun working on a fourth studio album with guitarist Mikka Ojala preparing to destroy with

NEWS: Kaamos Warriors unleash “Askeleet”!

Finnish dark metal trio Kaamos Warriors released their third studio album since their formation in 2018 “Kirous” via Inverse Records on 3rd Decemeber 2020. To celebrate the eight new songs of the melancholy and cold of the North, they have also unveiled a new music video for single “Askeleet”. As always it’s available over at bandcamp. Guitarist

NEWS: Kaamos Warriors announce “Kirous” with “Kuilu”!

Finnish dark metal band Kaamos Warriors have announced an upcoming third album “Kirous” which is set to be released later on 2020 via Inverse Records. The track may not be the first single from the album with the trio sharing several new cuts since “Shadows Of Northern Chaos“. This one goes by the name “Kuilu“. Guitarist Jani Moilanen