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NEWS: KMAC2021 covers Northlane’s “Bloodline”!

When Scottish Metal Meme King Kmac2021 was announced on the bill for Tech-Fest 2020, we raised an eyebrow in ponderment on what kind of content he’d be delivering to the Fireball Whiskey Stage. He’s a talent musician in his own right but could equally deliver an off kilter alternative Comedy set. Taking a moment of

NEWS: Tech-Fest 2020 at Home Streaming Line Up!

As anyone who had planned to attend Tech-Fest this summer will already know, existing tickets are being shuffled to next years event. What you may not know is that premiering exclusively on YouTube via Invicta Magazine on 2-3 July, an array of bands from the 2020 lineup have put together streams from home, pre-recorded with

NEWS: Tech-Fest announce second wave of bands!

And boom! Tech-Fest have announced their second wave of bands for the 2020 incarnation of the annual pilgrimage to Newark Showgrounds as it enters it’s 9th year! Interestingly having announced their appearance at Fury Fest in April as a one off, Martyr Defiled are back on the bill having called it a day. Reflections have

Live Review: UK Tech-Fest afterthoughts

It’s been just 7 days since we left Newark Showgrounds after another triumphant incarnation of Tech-Fest, thanks to Simon Garrod and the team. The Festival that inspired the creation of Metal Noise back in August 2017 has completed its 8th year and remains the King of the Underground Metal Scene, the UK’s equivalent of Euroblast.

NEWS: “Vaba Raha” from Kmac2021!

Alright so The Haarp Machine‘s crowd funding campaign may have flopped badly and they may have turned to the man who rescued The Faceless in EJ Shannon to help get them back on track but now they’ve been parodied by Kmac2021 in this new full length song “Vaba Raha”. It’s cracking good fun!  

Spotlight: Kmac2021 talks Top 10 albums for 2018!

It maybe a little bit early for the albums of 2018 with the whole month of December to go but Kmac2021 has gone in deep with this very interesting Top 10 list. While Brighton Progressive Metalcore Heroes Architects will no doubt feature on plenty of this year’s lists, we doubt whether Time, The Valuator will

NEWS: SpongeBob theme…..

Take your favourite TV show theme and remake it in the style of your favourite band. That’s what Kmac2021 has done with the theme from SpongeBob Squarepants. In the style of Cattle Decapitation. As brutal as it gets. Someone contact the show makers. They need to do a special featuring this!    

NEWS: Andrew Baena covers Volumes!

Joining Crown The Empire and Coldrain, Volumes will be upon our shores in September. In the meantime, Canadian Guitarist and producer Andrew Baena has covered “Erased” from Volumes second album “No Sleep” with the help of KMAC2021 and Johnny Ciardullo of Galactic Pegasus.

NEWS: Kmac2021 and Drewsif get Disturbed for April Fools!

April Fools day. Good until Midday. Kmac 2021 and Drewsif of Drewsif Stalin fame have combined to drop this April Fools Meme cover of Disturbed‘s highly successful single “Sound of Silence”, itself a cover of Simon & Garfunkel from 1964. If you don’t get the joke, you haven’t been paying attention. Drewsif Stalin’s album “Anhedonia”