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Review: “Mass // Minus” by Deem Index

Forming in 2005 and settling on their current line-up in 2011, Arnhem Netherlands based Deem Index specialize in a blend of “Gothenburg” style Melodic Death, Thrash and Old and New School Metal. Or as they like to call it: “Metal, nothing more, nothing less”. Known for their raw musical power with poetic lyrics, they dropped

Review: “Siren” by Blackstar Halo

Blackstar Halo released their debut album “Illuminated” in 2010, having been together under a different name for a decade. The album was pre-released nationwide in then prominent film rental chain ”Filmtown” along with a music video for the title track made by Energia productions and Obscure entertainment who created Star Wreck and Iron Sky. Fast

Review: “Artificial Void” by Unprocessed

Hessan Germany’s Unprocessed have a reputation as being a live favourite. Their Progressive Tech-Metal sound has been a soundtrack since 2014 and with this, their second album for SPV imprint label Long Branch Records, it’s time for the quintet to step up once more to a new level as they did with previous outing “Convenant”.