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NEWS: Hellevate premier Lovecraft inspired “Dagon”!

Available for pre-order over at bandcamp, Kansas City Speed Thrash quintet Hellevate are  now streaming a second single “Dagon” from EP “The Purpose is Cruelty” due out 14th January. The record is one to follow 2019 Christmas present “Krampusnacht” and is said to be in the bands signature violent hybrid of East Coast and Bay

Bootleg: Three from the Hellevate Birthday Bash!

At a private birthday bash in August, Hellevate performed a few cuts which have surfaced online in “Infected Chaos“, “Street Reaper” and “The First Flame” with potentially more to come. The Kansas City, Missouri Thrashers made the Christmas No. #1 slot for us last year with “Krampusnacht”, a song and EP about a Goat Demon,

NEWS: Hellevate debut “Kill Confirmed”!

Kansas City, Missouri natives Hellevate made Christmas No. #1 for us last year with “Krampusnacht”, a song and EP which takes it’s name from Krampus the goat demon, an evil version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The Thrash quintet haven’t left it that long before making their return with “Kill Confirmed” seeing them heading

Review: “Krampusnacht” by Hellevate

Kansas City, Missouri natives Hellevate add the Tabasco to your Thrash equivalent of a Bloody Mary with Erik “Jager” Schmutzler (Vocals), Dan “Danowar” Whitmer (Guitar), Zack “the Ripper” Burke (Bass), RJ “Machine Gun” Whitmer (Drums) and Josh “the Boss” Cole (Guitar) joined by backing vocalists Christopher Smith, Kristen Alley and Elizabeth Saint for “Krampusnacht“. The

Give Away: “Krampusnacht” from Hellevate!

Seeing as it’s Christmas Eve and yesterday saw the release of a brand new Christmas Thrash EP from Kansas City, Missouri’s Hellevate entitled “Krampusnacht” (a review of which will be published on Christmas Day!), we’re giving away 5 copies! To receive a digital copy direct to your email from Bandcamp, all you need to do