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Interview: Krvsade talk Blackened Thrash!

After unveiling a new song in drum playthrough form last week, the first of three new songs set during the beginning of the third Crusades, Jeb Laird (bass) and Andre Evans (guitar and vocals) from Charlotte North Carolina Blackened Thrash Metallers Krvsade have dropped an interview. So will “Worship The Sun” or “Mohammed’s Fall” be

Playthrough: “Muhammad’s Fall” from Krvsade!

Having survived the apocalyptic scenes of Judgement Day Krvsade have shared a drum playthrough video from Keegan Dennis for the first of three new songs set during the beginning of the third Crusades entitled “Muhammad’s Fall“. It’s full on blasphemous blast beats and groove riffs from the Charlotte North Carolina Blackened Thrash Metallers and a

Playthrough: “Worship The Sun” (New Song!) from Krvsade!

Fresh from “Judgement Day“, Krvsade have chosen to premier their ode to the fireball in the sky that is “Worship The Sun” in playthrough video form. The Charlotte North Carolina Blackened Thrash Metallers are working on their debut full length album with the mantra “No trends, no scenes, only Death” at its heart so this

Playthrough: New track sneak peak from Krvsade!

Charlotte North Carolina residents Krvsade delivered a three track EP in January by the name of “Judgement Day”, which the band said was just the appetizer to a forthcoming main course of a full length record. True to their word, they’ve offered up a sneak peak of one of the Blackened Thrash riffs from a new

Under The Influence #35: Krvsade on “The Sound Of Perseverance” by Death!

Chuck Schuldiner founded Orlando Florida Death Metal band Death in 1983 and was their vocalist, guitarist and occasionally bassist until his tragic death in 2001. The band were a revolving door of musicians including Obituary guitarist James Murphy and Strapping Young Lad, Testament and Fear Factory drummer Gene Hoglan at various points in time. “The Sound

Review: “Judgement Day” EP from Krvsade

According to Charlotte North Carolina residents Krvsade, “Judgement Day” will serve as an appetizer to a forthcoming main course. So does this mean a second release in 2020 and the possibility of a full length album?! It sounds very much like it could be the case! The quartet – Keegan Dennis (Drums), Arthur Reid (Guitar), Jeb

NEWS: Krvsade want you to “Keep It In the Church”!

Charlotte North Carolina Blackened Thrashers Krvsade have set 31st January as the date to unleash their second EP “Judgement Day” upon the unsuspecting masses and claim this is just the first of the plagues. Single “Keep It In The Church” is available over at bandcamp now to give you a taste. On the song, Krvsade