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NEWS: Novelists unveil “Heretic” before Tech-Fest!

A new dawn, a new day, a new single from French Progressive DJentlemen Novelists. This time out they’ve tagged teamed Flo Salfati from Landmvrks in to the ring to join the party for “Heretic“, one which we’re hoping will make the set once the band land at Newark Showgrounds at the end of the month

Documentary: “Lost In The Waves” tour #3 with Landmvrks!

Entering the United Kingdom for a trio of shows this week French Metalcore act Landmvrks will have been around Europe with Ten56, Resolve and Glassbone without travel restrictions and having had the time of their lives playing cuts from from the freshly extended edition of their album “Lost In The Waves“. They’ve shared episode #3 of

Playthrough: “Say No Word” from Landmvrks!

“Say no f**kin’ thing, say no word, I don’t give a damn, you’re the worst, Say you feel the pain, you don’t know, I’m afraid this is going to last forever, I don’t care what this life is gonna be, I’m afraid that there is nothing left to say” Making great use of videographer Alexis

Bootleg: “Visage” from Landmvrks!

As French servants to Modern Metalcore Landmvrks continue their reign of terror on Europe with Ten56, Resolve and Glassbone the band have once again taken us back to one of their shows in Germany. Munich was where this live rendition of “Visage” was filmed and by Alexis Fontaine on 20th April, Backstage being the venue

Documentary: “Lost In The Waves” tour #2 with Landmvrks!

Episode #2 of the packed behind the scenes documentary following French Metalcore merchants Landmvrks around Europe with Ten56, Resolve and Glassbone finds them rolling up on Bratislava Slovakia as the continue to play cuts from “Lost In The Waves” to capacity crowds. In French with English subtitles it finds them talking about hearing fans singing

Bootleg: “Lost in a Wave / Rainfall” from Landmvrks!

As their European tour trek with Ten56, Glassbone and Resolve rumbles on French Metalcore merchants Landmvrks, both the title track of their current album “Lost in a Wave”  (freshly released in expanded deluxe form) and “Rainfall” from their set in Berlin Germany have been shared in slick pro-shot style by Alexis Fontaine, Anthony Arbet and

Bootleg: Landmvrks, Glassbone, Resolve and ten56 in Berlin!

Courtesy of Core Community, footage of Landmarks, Ten56, Glassbone and Resolve from Hole in Berlin Germany on 7th April has emerged, including “Scars“. The tour is one that has been rescheduled several times and sees all four bands trek across Europe shortly after Arising Empire shared the deluxe version of “Lost In The Waves” by

Documentary: “Lost In The Waves” tour #1 with Landmvrks!

It’s been a long time coming but the rescheduled headline tour that sees French Metalcore act Landmvrks march across Europe is finally upon us and so Alexis Fontaine gets behind the camera to oblige with a wealth of behind the scenes footage starting in Switzerland. The deluxe version of the album “Lost In The Waves”

NEWS: Ten56 premier “Yenta” with more new material on the way?

While they’re out on the road with Landmvrks,  Glassbone and Resolve, French Nu-Deathcore enthusiasts ten56 have premiered their first new single since debut EP “Downer Part #1” dropped at the end of November. Titled “Yenta” it’s another tale from the darkest corners of the mind of former Betraying The Martyrs vocalist Aaron Matts with subtle

NEWS: Landmvrks find freedom in Innerspace?

The super deluxe expanded and Ultimate Edition of the current album “Lost in the Waves” from French Metalcore merchants Landmvrks has landed with a trio of new tunes and a full live record to get you in the mood. Those new tunes include “Self-Made Black Hole” which features a guest appearance from Anthony Diliberto of