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Review: “Kill or Be Killed” by Ligature

(Knuckle) sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester is Warrington, not the kind of place you’d expect to find a Beatdown Hardcore band. None the less Ligature – vocalist Jack Lamb, bassist Perry Brockley, axe welding duo Dan James and Sean McKay and drummer Chris Mitchell – call it home and have been playing shows since early

NEWS: Lashing Out head down to Bitterwood!

Just a week after their new single “Kurrupt (108.9)” landed a left hook straight to our jaw, Aberdeen Slamming Beatdown Hardcore brutes Lashing Out have returned with an upper cut in the form of “Bitterwood“. They have re-tooled and with new material will be on the road with Cold Hate in February. Expect things to

NEWS: Lucky Number Seven for Malign?

Mancunian Beatdown Hardcore six piece Malign have kicked off 2020 with a seven show announcement after they were joined by members of Broken Down and Street Soldier for guest spots on their debut EP “Stand Your Ground”. These shows are a who’s who of the UK Underground Metal Scene with an array of acts playing everything from Straight

NEWS: Lashing Out unveil “Kurrupt (108.9)”!

They promised new material as they’ve re-tooled to remain so Aberdeen Wigger $lamming Beatdown Hardcore wrecking ball Lashing Out have unveiled “Kurrupt (108.9)” on New Year’s Eve. Be warned. This comes with video accompaniment that sees some serious moves being busted on the beer soaked floors of venues these boys have lit up…

NEWS: Lashing Out and Cold Hate Co-headlining!

Aberdeen natives Lashing Out almost called it a day when they lost members and were forced to play a couple of shows as a duo. Fortunately they’ve re-tooled and are back to a five piece with a new song “Red” recorded recently. They’ve announced a run of shows with Cold Hate for February 2020 with

NEWS: Fall In The Brawl Festival 2019!

The death of Fall In Brawl Festival at Manchester Rebellion has been announced with the third and final line-up poster having “RIP” embossed on it. The organisers have stated that a huge 20 band exodus from the bill and work involved in replacing them and reassuring ticket buying fans has been the cause. The Slam

The Black Map #56: Lashing Out from Aberdeen!

You thought that Party Cannon would be the heaviest band to feature on our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene? You thought wrong! Labelling themselves as Wigger $lamming Beatdown and putting themselves into the same category of Northern Heavy as Osiah and Ingested are the heaviest band to grace these pages! Hailing from

The Black Map #37: Lashing out from Aberdeen!

Continuing our journey across the black map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, we head from Corby back to Scotland and Aberdeen. The third largest city in Scotland by population and home to a World famous University and for being the place where Rockstar North created Grand Theft Auto. Aberdonian musicians include Annie Lennox and Emeli