The Black Map #37: Lashing out from Aberdeen!

Continuing our journey across the black map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, we head from Corby back to Scotland and Aberdeen. The third largest city in Scotland by population and home to a World famous University and for being the place where Rockstar North created Grand Theft Auto. Aberdonian musicians include Annie Lennox and Emeli Sandé on the pop side, so it’s a city known for it’s talent. But now it’s time to get brutal. Properly brutal. Just when you thought you’d heard it all, hailing from Aberdeen are a band that fuse Slam Metal with Beatdown Hardcore to create a new subgenre “Slamming Beatdown”. Their debut single “Fight Club” was released just yesterday via Slam World Wide and is about as heavy as it gets. Having already played shows with Bleach, Terra Nova and Black Blood, the band you’re looking for is Lashing Out.

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